Cornell Dean Advises on Starting ISIS Club

h/t Small Dead Animals

  • Hard Little Machine

    He also wants to start an ISIS training camp at Cornell. Hopefully it includes car bombing. Would be a pity to waste all those nice Ivy League buildings.

    • Guest


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  • DMB

    It will be an all exclusive club with Muslim prayer rooms & LGBTQ studies. Sorry folks no pro-lifers, white heterosexual privileged students allowed!

  • k

    Cornell is expecting a picket for staff wage increases = must be needing more foreign students to foot the bill
    Business sales people do NOT think what the ramifications are of the sale.
    So you sell an educational spot to an ISIS kid
    So you sell your fighter jets to Saudi Arabia
    So you sell the Xtasy that gets a girl gang raped
    … huh, … must be that freedom of the market place business

  • Norman_In_New_York

    My youngest niece is happily graduating from there in another two months. Since she is a science major, she apparently stayed away from courses with “studies” in their titles.