Christians blame political correctness for being ignored while niqab dominates conversation

There’s been lots of talk about religious freedom, but it’s all about one issue: the niqab and whether Muslim women can wear one during citizenship ceremonies.

Meanwhile, the religious freedoms of Christians are being ignored with their struggles. From Trinity Western getting its law school accredited to pastors being told they can’t rent spaces to hold worship services.

One Christian leader (and a former Muslim) says if they were Muslim their issues wouldn’t be getting ignored and it’s because of political correctness.

What’s with the double standard?

  • Observer

    The niqab is a basic human right for every person who wants to do a withdrawal from the local bank at gunpoint!

  • T.C.

    It’s “pastors,” not pastures.
    I know, its the auto-spell check.

  • eMan14

    Islam seems to hijack any issue it wants. And we let them. Christians have lost their privilege If they ever had any to begin with.

    • Jabberwokk

      History repeats.

      In Matthew 27:17 Pilate gave the world a Choice between Barabbas and Jesus.

      And Now just as then the choice is presented to us with Barabbas and Jesus.

      Interesting to note that according to the wiki one of the criticisms of the account was “as it presents the Roman authority, Pontius Pilate, backed by
      overwhelming military might, being cowed by a small crowd of unarmed
      civilians into releasing a prisoner condemned to death for insurrection
      against the Roman empire”.


      Perhaps they should watch the above video starting at 0:16 to see how that’s entirely possible.