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Immigrants of Doom

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What is it about?

In the mid-sixties, the West accepted the suicidal doctrine of multiculturalism as its official approach to the problem of immigration. This resulted in an endless stream of immigrants from third world countries pouring into Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, subsequently displacing the native populations and creating both social tensions and an unsustainable financial burden.

Uncontrolled immigration has contributed to a dissipating economy, disturbing crime statistics, a high rate of unemployment among natives, swollen welfare rolls so out of control they are practically bankrupting Western countries, and has even led to an unprecedented wave of terrorism. But the gravest problem of massive immigration, that which dwarfs all the rest, is the supplanting of the native populations of Western countries with people who quite often do not share those values that were and are the cornerstone of Western Civilization. Moreover, they often come to the West with the intent to destroy it. The sharp growth of the number of immigrants often openly hostile to the West, combined with the distortion of traditional Western values by liberals and leftists pose a serious threat to the very existence of Western civilization.

The truth is simple: immigration builds cheap houses but ultimately destroys the country.

This book reveals the stunning facts that our governments and media attempt to conceal.

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