Bell head meddled in news coverage

The owners of Canada’s largest private broadcaster, CTV, and the country’s television regulator have been locking horns for months as the TV network complained about a series of regulatory decisions. Now those tensions appear to have boiled over.

Sources say that when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decided last week to unbundle cable packages, Kevin Crull, president of Bell Media, which owns CTV, became furious and intervened in the way the network’s journalists covered the news.

  • David

    At least the article is not behind a pay wall.

    • Heh;)

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  • David Murrell

    CTV News (like the Globe and Mail) is staunchly pro-Liberal, but things at the moribund CTV News are better than they used to be. Ivan Fecan used to run Bell Globemedia, and he was a big donor and fundraiser for the federal Liberal party. In past elections, CTV News would heavily tilt their coverage in favour of the Liberals, and this might continue under Kevin Crull.

    His antics are a scream. Note that the article says that the dictator is on the board of directors for the rarely-read Globe. It’s a wonder the crooked newspaper summoned up the courage to report on his corrupt antics.

  • ontario john

    Canadian journalists biased? I’m shocked.

    • Frau Katze

      It’s a real surprise.

  • Clink9

    Angry multi millionaires. Ohhhhh scary.

    • Anon285371

      Actually pissing off a multi millionaire can be quite scary. Seriously it’s not worth it, they can make your life hell.

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  • simus1

    “Bell takes charge”:

    – expect reverse Midas touch acceleration
    – slow motion train wreck now back on schedule, no more delays
    – pun for fast and furious action now, slow write off later