Barbara Kay: Dolce and Gabbana’s views on parenting are commonplace. There’s no homophobia here

Big Gay “…D&G’s views are commonplace and unremarkable. What was outrageous was the campaign to shame and punish them for stating them.”

  • moraywatson

    Homosexuals are 1.6% of the population Canadian population. Muslims are less than 3% of the Canadian population. Yet they compete for the majority of the headlines and attention. Supremacists and narcissists much?

    • The Political and Chattering classes are their allies, their goal is to make you fear speaking the truth.

    • Guest

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  • cmh

    The homosexual community is not so mad about the comments as they are about the gigantic betrayal of the ‘gay’ community agenda by a couple of their own.

    • No doubt. But Big Gay is not representative of even the majority of Gays I suspect.

  • ed

    notice the queers always go for baby boys ??????

  • Bingo.

    Male/female unions that produced children have been around since the dawn of man and will be around in the future. No matter what culture or race one is, such a union is not hard to visualise.

    Is there anyone angry that designer babies are produced (and some “discarded”) for selfish people who see children as accoutrements or social experiment?