Why is Nigel Farage considered fair game?

If any other party leader’s family was hounded by a mob, there would be talk of a “crisis in democracy”. Not so when it’s Nigel Farage’s. Why is Ukip treated differently?

Nigel Farage calls the people who chased him and his family out of a pub and attacked his car “scum” – and for once there’s broad agreement with him about something. Everyone concurs that it’s not cricket to go after a chap’s wife and kids, although I’d suggest that it would be just as illiberal to physically intimidate the man by himself.
Giving some rationale for the group’s actions, a protest organiser said: “We will not succumb to [Farage’s] prejudice. We will create the world we want to live in. A world beyond Ukip.”

Whether or not the rest of us would want to live in that world is another question. The idea that because X subjectively judges Y to be oppressive means that X has a right to silence Y is, ironically, a very oppressive point of view. Orwell would doubtless quip, “And freedom is slavery, comrade.”