What Motivates Iranian Diplomacy?

There’s a certain pattern with regard to Iranian willingness to engage in talks that is deeply troubling: Whenever Iranian leaders demonstrate behavior that, under any honest and dispassionate reading of diplomatic norms or international law would constitute an act of war, those Iranian leaders either solicit or rush to accept offers to engage in a diplomatic process.

  • Gettingby

    The fact that the Iran successfully managed to pull off the charade repeatedly while assassinating people around the world, funding and planning terrorist attacks, and infiltrating governments without the threat of nuclear capabilities makes one wonder what they will manage to accomplish with them. Anyone dealing with an Islamic country must begin by starting a “countdown to destruction clock”, They must be told out front you have X amount of time to agree to all our demands or we will destroy you.

  • What Motivates Iranian Diplomacy? That is easy. But the reason is denied because of political correctness.

    The Mullahs of Iran are driven by a Shia Islamic messianic vision of an end of world apocalypse.

    They simply believe it is their best interests to die in a ball of flames.

    Spin it anyway you like. They are simply, religiously driven, brainwashed fools. Negotiating with them makes as much sense as talking to a frog.