USA: LA Supports Vibrant ‘Pharmacies’ with Witchcraft Supplies and Santa Muerte Gear

The Los Angeles Times is quite a case study in devolutionary “outreach” to diverse new communities of immigrants. Monday’s front page pictorial story (below) featured a downtown Mexican-style farmacia catering to primitive cultural practices as if they were a normal thing to have in a major American city. The Farmacia Million Dollar offers a multi-service magic hut where customers can purchase amulets or spiritual cleansings and pray to Santa Muerte, the Saint of Death, much admired by Mexican criminals.

The more diverse LA Times of today apparently believes that all culturally based behavior is a good thing, even if criminal. One example: in December the Times celebrated scofflaw hispanic peddlers: Los Angeles Ignores Illegal Street Vendors.

Today’s diversity parable promotes no crime, but has more to do with the primitive superstitions of Mexicans who buy magic candles to protect them from harm.

If California or America needs any immigrants at all (highly questionable because of workplace automation!), they should be educated persons, not third-world illiterates. Oh well!…