Twitter is testing a tool to zap hate speech

Problem: Twitter is clogged up with (mostly) dudes who like nothing better than to ruin people’s days with hate speech, racial slurs, and even death threats. It’s gotten so bad that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo spelled it out as a major barrier to the company’s growth.

But a tweet by Silicon Valley blogger Anil Dash shows that Twitter is working on the problem with a filter that makes all that stuff invisible to you, quietly rolled out to some users in an iOS app update:

We don’t how many users this is getting rolled out to, how Twitter determines which tweets are problematic, or when it’s going to get to other platforms than just iOS.

But between this tool,and the recent addition of features to make reporting harassment to the authorities easier, Twitter is showing some signs of taking harassment seriously.

  • BillyHW

    Ford is also testing a car that can’t pass the speed limit. So many companies have a death wish these days…

    • J. C.

      I guess my ’99 Cougar will be staying on the road for many more years to come…

  • cmh

    so if we put a hate filled koranic verse on twitter and they zap it?

    • Frau Katze

      They just might zap some parts.

      • Just a thought

        Editing out the hate so it seems peaceful and tolerant?

  • Just a thought

    What about hatred of evil. Will that also not be allowed?

  • I bet this means that Twitter will remove hatred against Muslims, but leave hatred by Muslims. Why? Because Muslims will credibly threaten them whereas others will not.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let me guess – Twitter will be the sole arbiter of that.