The Putin Way

Nothing that Vladimir Putin has done in gobbling up territories of the former Soviet Union is new. In fact, he simply apes every tyrant’s time-honored four-step plan of aggression.


From Philip of Macedon to Napoleon, aggressors did not necessarily have a grand timetable for creating an empire. Instead, they went at it ad hoc. They took as much as they could at any given time; then backed away for a bit, if they sensed strong opposition was building — only to go back on the offensive when vigilance waned.

Hitler did not realistically believe in 1936 that he would within five years create an empire from the Atlantic to the Volga. Instead, he started out by moving incrementally — in the Rhineland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia — testing where he might grab land without a war, always both surprised at the ease of his success and full of contempt for the appeasers who had so empowered him.

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  • Everyone Else

    Before making up your mind on Putin read this.

    • Putin has a puppet Islamist in Chechnya and aids Iran.

      The “Moor” argument is invalid.

  • The Soviets, in their waning days of power, convinced everyone (at least those who had a mind to) that arresting and trying Soviet human rights abusers was a lost cause because of the legal and moral logistics of it.

    Nothing has changed.