The more we lie about Islam, the more it resembles the truth

For all the apologists who continue to insist that Islam is a “religion of peace,” there is a glaring statistic that offers proof positive to the contrary. Of the fifty worst countries in the world for the persecution of Christians, 80 percent of them have a Muslim majority.

In an article titled “Truth is the new ‘Hate Speech,’” writer Ralph H. Sidway has a slightly different take on Islamic extremism, though his analysis contains much of the flavor this problem presents for the global community.

For those who adhere to President Obama’s mantra that “Isis is not Islam,” Sidway counters with the following observations:

“…suffice to say that each of these Muslim groups are striving to adhere to Islam in something approaching its purest form, and they proudly cite the Koran and the example of Muhammad as mandating their actions, including verses even some Westerners are beginning to recognize.

“After each Islamic atrocity, as if on cue, whole phalanxes of authority figures – from the President and Secretary of State and directors of our national security agencies, to media figures, professors and educators, entertainers, and even Christian leaders, bishops and priests — march out with their trite, patronizing statements defending Islam and claiming that ISIS and Boko Haram and the rest are distorting and even demonizing the ‘religion of peace.’ The sane person begins to feel he has somehow wound up in Bizarro World, where everything is backwards.”

A hallmark of the current administration − which is also an Islamic strategy and one which is a major contributor to the belief that the president is a Muslim in his heart − is the consistency with which the powers that be tell the American people not to believe what is plainly visible to them.

Sidway describes this tactic as “pathological denial,” which he regards as a form of insanity…