Sydney theater apologizes for rejecting Jewish group due to ‘occupation of Palestine’

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators protest across the street from a pro-Israel rally in Chicago, Ill., July 28, 2014. (Scott Olson/Getty Images/via JTA)

(JTA) — The community board of a suburban Sydney theater apologized for telling a Jewish group it could not rent the venue because it does “not host groups that support the colonization and occupation of Palestine.”

The unsigned email from the Red Rattler Theater in Marrickville came in response to a request from the Hillel at Sydney’s Shalom Institute to rent the premises for a series of performances dealing with the Holocaust.

“Hi. Our policy does not support ­colonialism/Zionism. Therefore we do not host groups that support the colonization and occu­pation of Palestine,” read the email signed by the Red Rattler Team, the Australian Jewish News reported.

Prior to the apology, New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff wrote to the manager of the Red Rattler, explaining that Hillel is an “apolitical body which provides educational, cultural and social activities for Jewish students and young adults”…

  • David Murrell

    Jew hatred is everywhere, eh? Since the left controls most cultural and educational institutions, it is these places which spew the hate. Jewish groups must hit the streets, with placards, condemning this hatred. The only way to fight this is to embarrass the these bigots, to hell and gone.

    • WalterBannon

      Funny given the extremely large involvement of “Jewish” people as patrons of the arts – I guess they are not really Jewish if they associate with, approve of, and fund these people. Just what are they thinking? My mind boggles.

      • Surele Surele

        Oops, should’ve read your post before I opened my big mouth. Heh 😉

    • Surele Surele

      First of all, we need to hit them where is hurting the most. Their pocket-books. No more donations to institutions which (who?) accept donations from Jewish philanthropists, and at the same time allow this to occur. I strongly believe in freedom of speech, but also in consequences of such. And shame on the Jews who still donate so much. Do you think they will like you more? Can’t you find other, more worthy causes?

  • The Goat

    Do they know that Sydney is a colonial city?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fuck the theater to plutonium hell and I hope they are rampaged to the ground by an angry mob of psychotic Muslims soon.

  • roccolore

    We know what would happen had a Muslim group been rejected.

  • pdxnag

    Didn’t Jews populate Palestine at least 2,000 years before the name Palestine was invented and before the caravan raider and slave trader Mohammad popped onto people’s radar?

  • WalterBannon

    Sounds like hate speech coming from the publicly funded Red Rattler Theater in Marrickville. Perhaps that should be taken up with the bureaucrats that have signed off on their grants and tax free status.