Starbucks: hectoring random people about race turns out about as splendidly as you might expect

Forget the customers: what really gets me is Starbucks foisting this migraine-inducing b.s. on their employees, who aren’t exactly rolling around in money and probably have issues in their lives that they’d like to pay attention to rather than engage in arguments with random strangers who don’t want to know for the sake of inflating some billionaire’s sense of self-satisfaction. The sheer arrogant obliviousness of it is breathtaking. National Review went and got some evidence.

  • mobuyus

    What disgusting bilge.

  • Censored_often

    I’d like my coffee extra black and violent and brewed in the Inner City please! *sarc* *sigh*

  • David Murrell

    Spent some time at home watching Canada’s “Business News Network” (BNN News), yesterday (Tuesday March 23) and their piece on this was hilarious. Now the hosts that work on BNN mean well — they speak to a business audience — but when topics like these surface — the hosts revert to politically-correct though as dictated by their BellMedia ownership (a conglomerate partly owned by the Globe and Mail suits). One suit on the afternoon shows wailed “Perhaps the CEO at Starbucks meant well?”, and other such bilge.

    The entire piece was black comedy, as was the entire Starbucks stunt. One hopes the corporation lost customers, bug time.

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    Looks like the barista’s didn’t get the memo…*snort*

    • Clausewitz


  • Waffle

    Oh, that Howard Schultz is just full of beans! šŸ˜‰

    • Censored_often

      Beans and sh*t.

  • Gary

    There are 3 Starbucks near me and I have yet to see a Black employee .

    They have their share or feminists and gays, but now Blacks. Pretty rich for them to lecture us about racism because my father’s background is native .

    He grew up in the 1930’s and served in ww2 for Canada, what i saw a racists was when Caribbean youths rioted on Yonge Street in 1993 after 2 Balck Immigrants fired them up over the oppression in Canada and 400 years of slavery.

    The Stats-Can data had once point out the 90% of the Blacks in Canada weren’t here before 1970. That leaves 10% of which a small number have ties to N.American slavery .

    Blacks have gotten special treatment beyond what Natives got off-reserve , we have Job quotas and tolerate the gangs and guns in Government housing because all Blacks are victims even when they step off the Plane at Pearson Airport.

    Aboriginals from other Nations are NOT given jobs as quickly as Blacks do in the TTC and Government or Police services when these two groups pour in to Canada.

    There is a soft-racism by Liberalism that is a Lowered-Expectation for non-whites that don’t have to meet the Standards at jobs or to obey all the Laws in Canada. How ironic that Blacks can spew bigotry or have a stereotype for Whites as hard working and smart along with Asians being passive and the top students in Schools.

    As for the Yonge St. riot , I doubt that one of those rioters could find Chad or Egypt on an unmarked Map of Africa , let alone tell us one story of their relatives that experienced part of the 400 years of slavery in the US and Canada.

    Looks like Starbucks drank to Slavery kool ade and bought the myth that only Blacks have suffered in the World and in N.America.