Have a look at the sidebar, toward the bottom you’ll see that the NEWZ scroll from our old blogger site has been resurrected.

This was one of my favourite features of the old blog, as it provided real time updates from our fave sites.

I have been looking for a simple RSS feed aggregator and finally found one. It is not as elegant as the old one and does not feature the blog title, however it does list the the blog post title and author so you’ll know which blog it’s from. I can add an excerpt for each post but it may slow down load time so I will leave it out for now.

I’ll be adding blogs to the feed from the “still a work in progress” Blogroll page.

If you have a suggestion to be added put a link in the comments, if you know the RSS feed better still;)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I missed that!

    • Me too, it’s bizarre that wordpress does not have a plug in the equal of Blogger.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I would have thought that by now they all would have been duplicated, and even improved upon.

        • Everything on offer is really crappy in comparison to Blogger’s feed gadget. No one seems willing to duplicate it.

  • Frau Katze

    From looking at it on the iPad I haven’t the faintest idea what blogs they’re from. The names mean nothing to me. (Correction: I do recognize Pamela Geller, but only her. I’ve never heard of the others).

    But I never paid much attention to it anyway, so it doesn’t matter much to me. Just thought I would mention it.

    • That is its down side however the author’s name appears so anyone familiar with the blog will know it