Obama Throws Iranian-Americans under the Bus

The Khomeinist regime has time and time again ‘promised’ to abide by agreements similar to what’s on offer now from the Obama administration. Various U.S. administrations, EU conciliators, et al. have reached out to Tehran over the years, yet the undeniable fact is that they have not and will not make a standing deal. Because, as those of us who have followed the every move of that regime since 1979 can specifically pointout, the first thing the Islamic Republic of Iran did after it took over in 1979 was to announce to the world through its constitution its “hope that this century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government and the downfall of all others” and delegated the export of its revolution to the globe to the Revolutionary Guard and Hizb’allah.

  • ed

    breaking news ,airbus 320, 159 on board has just dropped out of the skies over the french alps ????????????????????????

  • Just a thought

    According to koranal law, muckmuddians are NOT required to abide by any treaty they make with non-muslimes. In fact, they must try to deceive us, until they feel they can defeat us. They worship a god that requires them to lie to us. There can be no trusting them, ever.