Islamic Lecturer: A Woman Uses Both Parts of Her Brain, So Her Testimony Is Worth Half That of a Man

In a recent TV interview, Tahani Abu Jazar, lecturer on Islamic law at the Islamic University in Gaza, defended the status of women in Islam, saying: “The woman does not have the same needs as the man.” The man, she said, “uses the left hemisphere of the brain,” whereas the woman “uses both parts of her brain.” According to Abu Jazar, “this proves that the testimony of a man equals that of two women.” The interview aired on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel on March 8 to mark International Woman’s Day.

  • ontario john

    Well, I’m glad she has her face covered like a proper Western feminist.

  • Notice the lie right off the bat: “the Christians… say that (the woman) is not a creature with a soul”. This is complete bullshit but Muslims love it.

    You can get on some relevant Twitter #hashtag (because why not waste your life?) and just post this correction again and again, every time a Muslim proudly states “Christians said women don’t have souls!”, and it never makes a damned bit of difference because it’s a talking point Muslims like and have been told to repeat.

    Engaged thought seems to be severely discouraged amongst Muslims. I am, however, quite impressed that they seem to have taught an angry garbage bag to gesticulate and speak (see above).

    • About that:

      “This fundamental equality of men and women in their nature as humans is
      confirmed by St. Thomas [Aquinas] in his discussions of the image of God, which
      is in all men. The image of God chiefly consists in intellectual
      nature: it is with respect to the soul of man (in which there is no
      difference of sex), not with respect to his body, that he is made in
      the image of God.5 Since all men, both
      males and females, are formed by a rational soul, they all have the
      image of God by reason of their intellectual nature.”

      These guys can’t even get their bullcrap straight.

  • Ed

    You watch this stuff and it’s plain to see… there are entire nations of retards. They have the trinkets of modernity, like TV studios and radios and so on, but it’s like putting a tuxedo on a monkey… it just exaggerates the point.

    • Censored_often

      Right, and not a single trinket of modernity, as you so eloquently phrase it, was invented by these camel piss drinkers and Satanists.

      • BillyHW

        We should seriously just steal their oil.

  • ntt1

    Muslim “scholars” always remind me of the witch trial in Monty Pythons holy grail their reasoning is solid medieval with absolutely no doubt allowed. retards. Cousin on cousin marriage is destroying them.

  • Tanya

    Just goes to show you that the Islamic brains out there are so close to a nats arse that they just keep on confounding everybody with their intelligence.

  • Censored_often

    This skanky muzzie whore just might be a man under that black costume. As for using their brains, half or whole, the muzzie world is a cesspool of Satanism, not intelligence.

  • moraywatson

    A scarecrow has more intelligence than a totalitarian mohammedan.

  • This is science, apparently.

    Someone please tell this bag to cram it.