ISIL trains hundreds of child soldiers in Syria: monitor

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has trained more than 400 children in Syria as fighters in 2015 alone, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said March 24.

Calling them “Cubs of the Caliphate,” the jihadist group provides intense military and religious training to children throughout its areas of control in Syria, the Britain-based monitor said.

Sleek videos published by ISIL-affiliated accounts show boys — some appearing to be as young as eight years old — loading and firing guns and crawling through sandy brush as part of military training.

The footage also shows children gathered around a table studying religious texts.

Once the boys turn 15, they are given the option to become full-fledged fighters with salaries, said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman.

“ISIL officials try to woo children with money, weapons and teaching them how to drive cars,” he said.
He said the children aren’t forced to fight, but “since there are no (non-ISIL) schools, no work, this is what kids do during the day”…

  • ontario john

    No matter what side you are on, when it comes to the debate of military involvement in Iraq, everyone must cringe when that idiot Trudeau said Assad is worse than ISIS.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Although Assad might be bad, he’s no ISIS and nowhere close to where his father was at on the Arab barbarity scale.
      In fact, he doesn’t look all that bad, and if removed from power, will certainly be replaced with much worse.

  • cmh

    Just in time for the RCAF to bomb themnduring their new mission …lol

  • mobuyus

    trudeau and mad tom should go talk to these children about inclusiveness and diversity, multi-culturelism and religious pluralism, maybe some pink shirts for pink shirt Wednesdays, and anti-bullying initiatives.

  • Observer

    Until they are ready to fight I am sure they get hands-on instructions from religious leaders

  • Censored_often

    Wonderful to see such lovely Muslim family values in place so solidly. How many infidels do these muzzie scum kiddies need to kill before the family goes to Orlando for some Disney entertainment?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. They’re easier to kill.

  • What profits their corruption of children?

    Okay, so, when is this degrading thing going to kick in?