Grinning Idiot Thinks Cash Bribes To Muslims Will Improve “Social Cohesion”

FEARS of tensions erupting in Melbourne’s northern suburbs between long-term residents and new migrants have prompted the Victorian Government to commit tens of thousands of dollars to promote calm.

Fawkner and similar multicultural suburbs — which are popular destinations for new arrivals — have faced a surge in racially motivated violence and discrimination.


If the West dies, it will be because of fools like Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott.

  • Just a thought

    “If I can be bought, why not Muslims?”

  • Dana Garcia

    Jizya by another name.

  • pop

    Darn!! Why can’t they bribe me?

    • occupant 9

      Start your own zero-sum, ultra-violent “religion” for deviant men and after a while of you and your followers preying on/for others, you may just get that protection money, just like the mafia called Islam.

      Oh, and make sure you have more melanin in your pigmentation.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Start XXXXing stuff up.
      That seems to be the only thing these cowards respect.

  • Islam Is a Crock

    l live in Craigieburn, yes that same suburb that Jake “Boom Boom” Bilardi came from. The neighbouring suburb is Roxburgh Park where several “detonators” came from, then there is Meadow Heights aka Muslim Heights, Broadmeadows, Dallas, Jacana etc that are all Islamic ghettos. In the area we have many Christian and Catholic churches, Sikh and Buddhist Temples. l would love one of these useless idiots in Government to explain to me why there is only community tension when a suburb gets overrun with Muslims. Then l would like that useful idiot to explain how tension between a suburbs long term community and newly arrived parasites oops l mean Muslims can ever be classed as racism since Islam is not a race??

    • occupant 9

      Au contraire! Islam IS a race; a race back to the 7th century.

  • Gary

    Terrorism works, so muslims don’t have to.

  • Claraver

    Only in Melbourne. Now the Labor Party rules Victoria this is only the beginning. Now in Melbourne we have this. The Hume Islamic Youth Centre, HIYC, was attended by the 18-year-old suicide bomber Jake ­Bilardi and at least two other Australians before they travelled to join Islamic State.

    A five-year-old is among eight children being used to promote a conference organised by a fundamentalist Islamic group that has espoused violent jihad, anti-Semitism and amputations for theft.

    The so-called peace conference will hear from a prominent sheik connected with the Hume Islamic Youth Centre, which has been linked to radicalisation of several Islamic State fighters.

    Conference organisers have used the images of eight young children to promote the gathering, to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Sunday, stres­sing the attendance of the youngest Islamic speaker in Australia — a five-year-old boy.

    Past events held by conference organiser the Islamic Research and Educational Academy have featured speakers whose opinions on Jews, homosexuals and women have led to them being denied visas in many Western countries.

    The five-year-old is being billed as “the youngest Daee (reciter of the Koran) of Australia”.

    • mobuyus

      Get em while they’re young and ya can use em till they’re killed, move their bodies around for propaganda purposes and photo ops. Muslims sure love children as props and receptacles for their vile nefarious purposes. When are you guys going to start feeding these fuckers to your big Great Salt Water Crocodiles?