Canada will dump truckloads of cash into ISIS sinkhole for another year to protect Iranian and Saudi interests

Harper wants an expanded air combat mission to include Syria, and to extend our commitment to another year

No Boots on the ground he assures us, that will be left up to our dubious Iraqi ally.

Canadian’s will continue to foot the bill for humanitarian aid efforts, not to mention the cost of an expanded air role.

Following is a link to contributions made by the coalition against ISIS, very few Muslims nations appear to be contributing.

The world’s Muslim states can just as easily take care of humanitarian efforts, shouldn’t they be their brother’s keeper?

This is Islam’s civil war, they should be left to it. We have nothing to gain by protecting Saudi and Iranian interests and whether we care to admit it or not that is exactly what we are doing.

Until the world is prepared to deal a death blow to all the Muslim terror states in one fell swoop we simply should not be involved.

  • jayme

    The issue is Isis has made it very clear there goal is to take over the west but the other big factor is there are people in Canada that hate the western culture.

    • If not ISIS then another group of Muslims. Whether we attack ISIS or not won’t change matters much at all, we will still be faced with Islamic terrorism.

      • jayme

        Most muslim groups don’t have a goal of taking over the world that is what makes Isis different.

        • Still, no reason for us to be there.

          • jayme

            The thing is if we do nothing and just stay out while millions of people get killed someone the west said they would never do again.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Do you think any of those participants would help you?
            Let them go.
            There is less evil in the world this way.

        • tom_billesley

          Islam has a goal of taking over the world. It’s just that muslims have different degrees of urgency.

      • Alain

        Yes, and as long as we refuse to recognise the elephant in the room, an open door to more hostile invaders at home, what exactly is the point of fighting the same people elsewhere. As for fighting them elsewhere, again the West no longer has the political will even to do that effectively. To send troops with their hands tied and often accused of “war crimes” by our own 5th column is wrong and immoral in my view.

        • Very good points Alain, these missions are a designed to fail.

    • k1962

      We need a two pronged approach; assist in fighting them over there and a closed door policy when it comes to immigration from muslim countries. We don’t need to be fighting them over here, although we already are.

  • Linda1000

    Definitely agree, Canada has nothing to gain by extending or expanding our role in fighting the IS. It’s bad enough we are taking in 10,000 (?) Syrians as a result of ME civil wars in their Islam lunatic countries. Let the richest countries in the world, the sharia Gulf states pay for the Islam wars. Canada has its own domestic problems of mega debt, lack of various infrastructures to support unchecked immigration, etc. We already give too much in foreign aid to people who really do want to see us infidels dead. We would be much better off assisting Israel in the ME.

    • Or ourselves.

    • tom_billesley

      Mission creep is always a bad idea. Military resources never keep pace with political ambition.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The stronger ISIS gets, the more vulnerable we become, Harper is doing the right thing. It’s too bad Obama won’t unleash the US Air Force to wipe these people out.

    • I would love to see them destroyed, but this mission is too little to accomplish that.

      • Ron MacDonald

        There are fourteen other nations providing aircraft.

        • Airpower won’t do it alone.

          • Bataviawillem

            It will, if you use the proper warhead, commonly known as fat boy.

    • Millie_Woods

      He should have left the troops in Iraq and expanded the Bush doctrine.

  • tom_billesley

    Reports about a new direct flight between Tehran and Sanaa have been denied by Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization
    The “first flight” on March 1st had been reported to be carrying “humanitarian supplies and medical assistance”. Now authorities say it’s a one-off flight given “exceptional” clearance and other than that described baldly as “not a passenger flight”.

    I wonder what it carried. Rockets? Cash? IRG advisers?

  • ntt1

    With islam there are no good guys just temporary alliances with the hated infidel until the enemy of the moment is destroyed then back to full on hatred for the west. Why are we there at all? why is the effort not being put into preventing muslim terrorists from breaching Canada’s borders? why isn’t their an ongoing monitoring of ALL mosques for hate speech and sedition? why is Saudi money even allowed into Canada let alone allowed to invest in more hatred centres?

    • It is ridiculous.

    • Bataviawillem

      “why is the effort not being put into preventing muslim terrorists from breaching Canada’s borders?”

      Why did you put in the word “terrorists”?

      • ntt1

        because progressives pee themselves if you include all muslims but yes you are right it should be intensive screening of all muslims.

  • Edubeat

    Vo Nguyen Giap (the NVA general who whipped the Yanks in ‘Nam) said what defeated them was the limited in-country rotation GI’s had to serve. Of course there are parallels to be drawn here as you see fit.

  • Ho Hum

    I agree that we should just stay out of this mess. It’s too late to save the Christian minorities in Iraq. It is not worth one drop of Canadian blood to stop Muslims from killing each other. Iraq isn’t our problem. We didn’t invade Iraq (although if the idiot Stephen Harper had been PM at the time we would have).

    Far from stopping ISIS Harper stupidly gave 10’s of millions of “aid” to Islamist rebel groups in Syria that have since morphed into ISIS. In Libya our CF18’s provided air support for Al Qaeda (in the RCAF they joke that we were Al Qaeda’s Air Force). Canada help pave the way for ISIS in Libya.

    If Harper wants to keep Canada safe from ISIS how about shutting the door to Muslim immigration? Instead Harper continues to flood Canada with Muslim’s including 7,000 “refugees” from Syria and 4,000 “refugees” from Iraq this year!

    If Harper wants to protect Canada from ISIS why doesn’t he crack down on the Mosques? Instead the RCMP have an official “hands off” policy , i.e. they will not conduct covert operations inside mosques.

    If Harper wants to keep Canada safe from ISIS why doesn’t he shut down all these dubious Muslim “charities” in Canada? Scores of Muslim “charities” enjoy charitable status in Canada including “Human Concern International” who Osama bin Laden told an Egyptian paper was a major fundraiser for Canada. Omar Kadhr’s father headed up HCI in Pakistan and yet this “charity” has registered charity status in Canada?

    There are dozens of things Harper could be doing inside Canada to keep us safe but he refuses to take action lest he looses the hard-fought Muslim vote. His ONLY action in Canada is to introduce Bill C51 that will erode our free speech and allow police to spy on innocent Canadians.