Canada will dump truckloads of cash into ISIS sinkhole for another year to protect Iranian and Saudi interests

Harper wants an expanded air combat mission to include Syria, and to extend our commitment to another year

No Boots on the ground he assures us, that will be left up to our dubious Iraqi ally.

Canadian’s will continue to foot the bill for humanitarian aid efforts, not to mention the cost of an expanded air role.

Following is a link to contributions made by the coalition against ISIS, very few Muslims nations appear to be contributing.

The world’s Muslim states can just as easily take care of humanitarian efforts, shouldn’t they be their brother’s keeper?

This is Islam’s civil war, they should be left to it. We have nothing to gain by protecting Saudi and Iranian interests and whether we care to admit it or not that is exactly what we are doing.

Until the world is prepared to deal a death blow to all the Muslim terror states in one fell swoop we simply should not be involved.