Calgary Police Double Standards? ‘Heil Hitler’ vs ‘White Power’

Over the weekend, a Calgary man shouted “White power” at anti-racism demonstrators. During a run in with police, an officer shot the man.

Contrast this with what happened last summer in Calgary, when Muslims chanted “Heil Hitler” at pro-Israel demonstrators — and cops stood by, doing nothing.

And remember: that summer pro-Israel rally was held to protest an earlier incident of police indifference: the assault on a Calgary Jewish family during a riot by Muslim thugs — who were only charged under pressure by Levant and Sun News.

Why the double standard? Why are the police so cowardly?

  • Exile1981

    Maybe the police got involved because this suspect was white rather than muslim?

    • DVult

      Maybe he should have claimed to be puslum and thereby shown his not go to jail card.

  • Typical PC mental inversion.

    • Clausewitz

      Guessing nobody has ever told the Mayor what happens to gay Muslims under Sharia law.

  • David Murrell

    But after all, the policy follow the orders of Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

  • Allan

    they are becoming as cowardly as the British cops. Since Menshi is a muslim I wonder how much that has to do with it. Should the cops be taking orders from the mayor or should they uphold the law no matter what? Why has that question even asked in Canada?

  • k1962

    A double standard exactly!!! That is what I thought when I read about how quick they were to react to protect the progressives from one man versus how they were no where to be seen while the muslims barbarians were beating up Jews who were protesting PEACEFULLY.

    • Gary

      Just more evidence that muslims are seen as predisposed to riots and terrorism to the point that it’s safer to let them spew hate and use children as shields at protests than take the risks for violence by muslims when enforcing our Laws on them while on our soil.

      • k1962

        The police are like parents who are too afraid to discipline their temper-tantruming 2 year olds. We will reap what we sew. Better to smack them down now, with regards to all of their stupid demands (no pork, no guide dogs in cabs, prayers in school, niqabs at swearing in ceremonies…NO to everything!).

  • cmh

    the police are so cowardly because their boss the mayor is a self declared anti Semitic homosexual muslim…that is why