UK” Theresa May tells Islamist extremists: ‘The game is up’

Theresa May will today tell radical Islamists that the “game is up” and that they were no longer tolerated in Britain as she sets out Tory plans for a crackdown on extremism.

The Home Secretary is expected to say that a future Conservative government target Sharia law, change the rules on granting citizenship to ensure people embrace British values and introduce “banning orders” for extremist groups.

Radicals will also be barred from working unsupervised with children amid fears that young people are being brainwashed, while staff at job centres will be required to identify vulnerable claimants who may become targets for radicalisation.

Based on Britain’s past “success” in this area you can only roll your eyes.


  • Brett_McS

    Oh, is there an election coming up?

  • ed

    just watching her speech live at the moment , the tard is quoting the Koran ,forgot the “kill the jew the,christian and the unbeliever ,take over there lands by the sword or propagation and make the convert or pay the jizya tax” “strike at the necks of the unbeliever and cause terror in there hearts” “create a state of dar-al-harb [the house of war] till dar-al-islam [house of islam] is completed .

    • That is sickening. did she roll out the Islam is a religion of peace crap yet?

  • Blacksmith

    I tire of ‘hearing’ they are going to do something about the islamist problem, because I only hear it never see proof of it.

  • Exile1981

    She is saying this only to try and pull voters back from Ukip. Meanwhile they are likely meeting with muslim leaders about getting them to support them in exchange for money or some such.

    • Their anti-terror efforts, de-radicalization and such have proven a lucrative source of capital for radical Muslims.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’ll believe it when I see acts of Parliament implementing the program. Also, I see nothing about prisons, where the most effective recruiting takes place.

  • roccolore

    This from the same Theresa May that banned Geller and Spencer to appease the Islamists.