Sweden facing “systemic collapse” in dealing with ISIS recruitment

“In the past we’ve had issues with perhaps a dozen [Jihadists] over a span of several years, but now there’s suddenly hundreds joining ISIS in a short time period. And the growth curve is trending upwards,” says SÄPO spokesperson Johan Sjöö.

  • Petrilia

    Sweden, you can stop advertising for overseas tourists right now. When Free People from the USA and Canada see these not too lovely bums in the air on your main streets, No, we are not coming. Muslim bums in the air on your lovely old streets says to the world, no visitors wanted. It tells us Sweden prefers their newly arrived Muslims on benefits to the tourist industry. Good luck Sweden, without tourism who is paying?

  • Jay Currie

    Keep trying to see why this is a bug not a feature. The only thing missing is the strict enforcement of the “No return” policy and Sweden would be mile ahead without these murderous barbarians. (Being Swedish they really should pay the fare to get these boys and girls to the caliphate before they change their minds.

  • UCSPanther

    “From the fury of the Norsemen, O Lord, deliver us”- What our British, French and Irish ancestors used to say about the ancestors of the modern Swedes.

    Now, they would laugh at the Swedes of today…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Swedes look more ridiculous every day.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t see a problem. They want to become the vanguard of the psychotic caliphate in Europe.