Steyn: Death to America! Death to the Jews! Death to Me!

Don’t you hate it when you’re raining down death-curses on people hither and yon, and then some guy blows you up? In this case, the pro-Houthi Shia victims were killed by a pro-ISIS Sunni terrorist. Some 140 dead, over 350 injured.

This was in Yemen, one of those Obama success stories he was bragging about only six months ago…

  • Just a thought

    The palestinian Arabs Obama wants Israel to surrender to are no different.

    • They’re just like Obama.

      • Just a thought

        Poison peas in a pod.

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        • It seems as if Google has recently made it impossible to upvote comments unless you have a proper account.

          • Just a thought

            But I have a Google account, and if I’m not, then at least one of the users of this computer is signed in at any given time.

          • My bad. I said Google but I meant Disqus. You need a Disqus account.