Should Canada adopt Britain’s tough new anti-Islamist policy?

Ezra Levant notes that there are now more UK Muslims fighting for ISIS than there are in the British military.

Today the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced a new, tough sounding campaign to combat “Islamism.”

Her strong words made for a good speech, but we’ll see how it works in action. Does the UK have the guts to take on the many “hate preachers” on its soil? Some cities are already majority Muslim or close to it.

Or is it too late for England? And should Canada adopt a similar hard line program? Could we?

  • Petey

    I find it hard to see until we are in an active civil war. I can readily imagine that kind of scenario in Europe, but North America may just muddle through. Who knows, though, really.

    • We have yet time to mitigate the damage, our Muslim population is not at the stage where a war can be envisioned as in Europe.

      • Speaksvolumes

        Yes. It’s too late for Europe, but we still have time.

        • cmh

          no we don’t buddy….no we don’t.

          • Speaksvolumes

            Yes, we do. The number of Muslims here hasn’t reached the tipping point.

          • DD_Austin

            The number of muslims isn’t the problem

            The number of MPs letting muslims in is.

          • Speaksvolumes

            I’d say both are problematic.

    • Alain

      With unarmed citizens it is not that easy. Gun control always precedes oppression of the people.

  • jayme

    In Europe there are some that like if not love Islam in Canada its not just that people like it they think we should switch from being a western country to Islamic.

  • roccolore

    If Britain is so tough on Islamists, why are Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer still banned?

  • Alain

    This is the same Home Secretary who barred Pam Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the UK while allowing a multitude of hate-spewing Muslims to enter, remain and even collect welfare. Hard to take her seriously now.

  • Speaksvolumes

    England waited too long. it will have civil war (eventually).

  • Tanya


  • cmh

    England is done…. don’t forget May is the horse faced bitch who barred freedom fighter Pamela Geller. Canada can adopt anything it wants but until the Koranic literature (which is the root of Islam) becomes illegal as hate speech Islam will continue to flourish here.

  • DD_Austin

    Tough new anti-Islamist policy?
    They’re just fooling themselves, cause they ain’t fooling us anymore.

    This is a tough anti-Islamist policy, anything else is just the same old bullshit

  • marty_p

    We are the Mo’s you will be assimilated.

  • WalterBannon

    from the dhimmis running britain?

    keep the comedy articles coming

  • cmh

    No we should implement a relocation program for Islamists who clearly will not assimilate and it should be funded by the Ministry of Multiculturalism budget.