Russia threatens to nuke Danish ships

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Russia’s ambassador to Denmark has said Moscow could send nuclear missiles against ships from the Scandinavian NATO country if it joins the alliance’s missile defense system.

Ambassador Mikhail Vanin’s comments, published in newspaper Jyllands-Posten Saturday, prompted an angry response from Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard.

“I do not think Danes fully understand the consequences of what happens if Denmark joins the US-led missile defense. If this happens, Danish warships become targets for Russian nuclear missiles,” Vanin was quoted as saying by the daily.

Should Danes join “we risk considering each other as enemies,” he added.

Lidegaard said the comments were “inacceptable” and that Vanin had “crossed the line” by saying that “everyone who joins” the shield “in the future will be a target for Russian ballistic missiles”…

  • Stronger than Dirt

    This Denmark diplomat has a child-like view of the world, no wonder jaihadists run that country now.

  • David

    Cue vlad the impaler apologists.

  • Obama brought war to the mid-east through his support for the “Arab Spring” and the Moslem Brotherhood, etc. – and he was the direct cause of the Islamic State through his withdrawal from Iraq (as Gen. Petraeus recently pointed out). Now, through the same foreign policy idiocy, he has managed to restart the cold war with Russia. We have another year and a half of watching this ‘Jonah’, Obama, set the world on fire.

  • Pontifex Maximus

    Denmark has no border controls and also allows massive immigration yet they find the time and fortitude to poke at the Russian bear; LOL!

    Jove bless Vladimir Putin!

    • Do you think Putin should nuke Denmark?

      • Does my opinion count?

      • Pontifex Maximus

        No but he should offer Denmark protection if it leaves the EU and reestablish border controls!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    The Cold War isn’t over…

    • UCSPanther

      Mother Russia was only sleeping in the 1990s…

  • Exile1981

    The full quote by the Russian ambassador is as follows –

    “I don’t think that Danes fully understand the consequence if Denmark joins the American-led missile defence shield. If they do, then Danish warships will be targets for Russian nuclear missiles,” said Mikhail Vanin, the Russian ambassador to
    Denmark, to the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

    “Denmark would be part of the threat against Russia. It would be less peaceful and relations with Russia will suffer. It is, of course, your own decision – I just want to remind you that your finances and security will suffer. At the same time Russia has missiles that certainly can penetrate the future global missile defence system,” Mr Vanin said.

    – I would take that as a very specific threat – He threatened the use of nuclear weapons and threatened their safety and economy.

  • winniec

    Russia starts with little Denmark. What other little countries will they intimidate next? Lithuania? Estonia? Slovakia?
    Denmark owns the Kattegat and the Sound.

  • WalterBannon

    Denmark is a Muslim state now, so who cares if they get nuked