Obama’s foreign policy fantasy land

Yemen has fallen to Iran-backed terrorists. The United States is pulling out.

This is the state of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. It wasn’t that long ago that Obama said Yemen the highlight of how his foreign policy works.

How could Obama have been so wrong? He hates to be told how wrong he is. Especially by the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama is desperate for a foreign-policy legacy. So desperate he’s prepared to cut a deal with Iran that would not stop them from building nuclear weapons.

Obama is living in a fantasy land.

  • Brett_McS

    “Obama said Yemen is the highlight of how his foreign policy works”.

    For once, the unvarnished truth.

  • mauser 98

    Libya debacle, Benghazi,, Egypt Muslim brotherhood, arms “mistakenly” sent to ISIS , Yemen.
    what else going on we don’t know about?

    …also Ted ready in Spanish


    • Freedom

      Ted Cruz is Ronald Reagan 2

      • nobull

        And then some!

  • Petrilia

    A Janus face if I ever saw one.

  • JoKeR
  • This is what Obama wants.

    This is precisely why he must be impeached now. There should be no reason why he should be able to retire in comfort and prosperity. He must go to prison.

    • Freedom

      First Black Preident- never happen unless they find him gun in hand with a dead body 🙂

    • Hard Little Machine

      Assuming he retires, it won’t be in the US.

      • I know.

        He doesn’t deserve to retire in comfort.

        He needs to be in prison.

        • Hard Little Machine

          I’m thinking he retires to a massive compound on the Iranian Riviera.

          • But there’s no golfing there.

          • Hard Little Machine

            He’ll build one.

          • Of course! He’ll have one built.

            Anything for the Kenyan dictator.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama turned Yemen over to Iran. This is not an accident. This isn’t even unintended. This is what Obama and Iran worked out.

  • cmh

    I have noticed that the MSM is already crucifying Cruz