Muslim Teacher Brutally Beats 10-Year-Old Boy Until He Passed Out After He Failed To Recite The Quran

Pakistani Muslim students attend a religious madrassa to learn the Koran, in Karachi.

A Muslim teacher is in hot water for the brutal beating of a 10-year-old student. According to the Times of India, the young boy could not recite a specific chapter from the Quran. Initially, the boy was ordered to do 170 push-ups for his failed attempt at reciting the central religious text of Islam. But, apparently, the Muslim teacher felt the boy’s inability to recite deserved a harsher punishment. The infuriated Muslim teacher allegedly beat the boy with a stick before sitting on his chest and pulling his hair. The boy has reportedly been hospitalized as a result of the brutal beating.

While specific details about the boy’s current condition have yet to be released, it has been reported that the Muslim teacher’s assault on the boy was so horrific that he passed out, reports Mad World News. The child was transported to a local hospital where he is reportedly in critical condition. Medical specialists have stated that the boy sustained “serious injuries in his ribs and backbone”…