Multiculturalism: is it all just crap?

Yes, says Frank Salter from the University of Sidney.

He’s in charge of the sheep dip. Or something.

  • “As he observes, multiculturalism represses and replaces the majority population. It is imposed on an antidemocratic basis by a hostile ruling class.”

    That sums it up.

  • Jason

    Too bad he seemed to be the last speaker of the day since he had interesting things to say and I personally found the fidgeting of some of the attendees irritating.

    But as to what he said, in a way it’s counter-intuitive that racial/ethnic diversity in a society would be harmful to the society because, if we think in evolutionary terms, variety is generally better (people with parents from 2 different racial backgrounds, for instance, will likely have better resistance to diseases than either of their parents.)

    I’m thinking part of the problem for a society as a whole is we don’t really see a merging of cultures and ethnicities, a combining of their characteristics. Instead, we have a competition between groups within the society. In the case of Islam it’s even worse since it tries continually to dominate and essentially eliminate the other groups. So we have clusters of different cultures, perhaps ethnicities too, isolated, often physically, from each other. This is not creating a unified highbred society, but rather separate little societies in conflict with each other, having little in common with each other except citizenship in the same country.

    Anyway, it appears that western-style multiculturalism is never going to be a success. One culture (Islam, presumably) will inevitably push aside and strangle all the others leading ironically to much less diversity than existed before multiculturalism was attempted.

  • ntt1

    there is another area that multiculturalism has impacted is blood donation and organ donation both areas are virtually 100% white donors yet non whites use the systems at ever increasing rates.