“Jews are causing devastating corruption throughout the land” – Muslim preacher on PA

Imad Hamato, Professor of Quranic Studies, University of Palestine, Gaza and host ‎of weekly PA TV program on Islam:‎

‎“The Israelites went too far by [shedding] pure blood. If the Quran says: ‘They killed ‎prophets without right’ (Sura 4:155), what can we say about those who are less than ‎prophets – about the killing of the righteous and of Jihad fighters? This [Israel] is a ‎state of blood, a terror state… Our real Jihad is to take revenge against those who have ‎hurt our women and elderly, who have hurt innocents, have defiled the holy places ‎and have stolen the assets and wealth of the [Arab] nation… Humanity will never live in ‎comfort as long as the Jews are causing devastating corruption throughout the land. ‎Humanity will never live in peace or fortune or tranquility as long as they are corrupting ‎the land. An old man told me: If a fish in the sea fights with another fish, I am sure the ‎Jews are behind it. As Allah says: ‘‘Every time they kindled the fire of war [against you], ‎Allah extinguished it. They strive throughout the land [causing] corruption, and Allah ‎does not like corrupters’’ (Sura 5:64).”‎