“Jews are causing devastating corruption throughout the land” – Muslim preacher on PA

Imad Hamato, Professor of Quranic Studies, University of Palestine, Gaza and host ‎of weekly PA TV program on Islam:‎

‎“The Israelites went too far by [shedding] pure blood. If the Quran says: ‘They killed ‎prophets without right’ (Sura 4:155), what can we say about those who are less than ‎prophets – about the killing of the righteous and of Jihad fighters? This [Israel] is a ‎state of blood, a terror state… Our real Jihad is to take revenge against those who have ‎hurt our women and elderly, who have hurt innocents, have defiled the holy places ‎and have stolen the assets and wealth of the [Arab] nation… Humanity will never live in ‎comfort as long as the Jews are causing devastating corruption throughout the land. ‎Humanity will never live in peace or fortune or tranquility as long as they are corrupting ‎the land. An old man told me: If a fish in the sea fights with another fish, I am sure the ‎Jews are behind it. As Allah says: ‘‘Every time they kindled the fire of war [against you], ‎Allah extinguished it. They strive throughout the land [causing] corruption, and Allah ‎does not like corrupters’’ (Sura 5:64).”‎

  • mobuyus

    Humanity will never live in comfort with these assholes.These pieces of shit are walking breathing corruption. It’s quite obvious everyone of them wants war. We should give islam Total War. That would surprise the shit out of them.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …put iMad’s photo into it’s computer memory, and send him one of these, loaded up with pig manure and ANFO…the Dog has been around since ’07, I imagine they’re a bit more refined by now…


  • The Goat

    I think he’s projecting.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I don’t think Israel has corrupted enough of them yet.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …I’m sure that Sahib iMad has all sorts of solid, verifiable, quantitative data and evidence to back up his claims…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama couldn’t have said it clearer himself.

  • Observer

    These are the people Obama and Kerry wants the people of Israel to make unilateral concessions to in the name of peace.

  • cmh

    Canadian funding aid of Palestinians must cease. I am making this issue my election issue. I will ask my MP to stop funding these savages or I will not support the Conservative Party this time around. Your hard earned tax dollars are supporting this filth…