Idaho: Saudi student at ISU attempts to sexually assault multiple students

Courtesy of Obama’s open door policy for Saudi students

POCATELLO, Idaho – An ISU student is accused of entering multiple dorm rooms and inappropriately touching the occupants over a two-week period.

Sultan Bamoallem, a freshman finance major from Saudi Arabia, faces multiple misdemeanor charges including trespassing, battery and stalking.

Pocatello police said on Feb 23, Bamoallem entered a female student’s dorm in Turner Hall. Police said the student woke up to a partially-clad Bamoallem touching her back. He was charged with unlawful entry and battery.

“That’s really scary. As a female, that makes me really scared,” said ISU student Kelci McDermott.

“I found it kind of troubling,” said Rosco Tillman, who lives in Turner Hall…

  • ntt1

    won’t be considered part of a rape culture because the acts were committed by an oppressed minority, it will still be white mans fault.

    • Blacksmith

      I am sorry as A white man I must take the blame. I was in Idaho once.

      • Just a thought

        You know what they say, the first step to a cure is to admit you have been to Idaho.

  • k1962

    They are such creeps. It’s no wonder their women need to be covered by tarps.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Yes they are!
      It also makes me wonder, or at least rethink, my judgment on their use of the burka, hijab, and chador.
      They really MIGHT be necessary in their culture.
      Of course their culture must never be allowed to exist in any way, shape, or form over here.

      • k1962


        You remember the Saudi airforce pilot vacationing in Vegas at Circus, Circus? Well, apparently he thought that pulling a pre-pubescent boy into his room and raping him was part of the amenities offered. This story reminds me of that one. Somethings terribly wrong with these people. Not a great pool of immigrants to draw from. The number of rotten apples is endless (Karmel).

      • Surele Surele

        Wearing them doesn’t really help. We do read about rape in those parts of the (under)world.

        • ntt1

          but you can’t prove rape unless 4 guys saw it happen and aren’t related to the rapists I think rape happens a lot but never gets anywhere due to cultural hostility to the woman or young boy.

          • Surele Surele

            Exactly. And what about those “court” orders to gang rape girls of families whose males committed some atrocious acts, like… let me see… walking with a girl from another (read, influential) family? Rape is so ingrained in their skulls, just see what does get reported. And feminists and lefties of the West? Crickets.

  • Xavier

    Castration is quite effective in cases like this.

    • Blacksmith

      Using a wood chipper!

  • Dana Garcia

    Actually, we can blame the Bush administration for allowing the idiotic program of American college for Saudi students. After 9/11 Bush agreed with the Saudi king to encourage young Saudis to embrace US educations. The wealthy Saudi government picked up the tab initially for 5000 students annually, and it has grown from there with all the social problems one could reasonably predict.

  • Surele Surele

    It’s their own fault. Or they are to blame. Or both. An open window? Of course it’s an invitation! What’s the fuss is all about? They’re only infidel females, after all. Sharia for all! (sarc)

  • Just a thought

    If the Left were really against a “rape culture,” they wouldn’t be inviting so many of them to come here.

    And, while I’m on the subject of how dishonest, petty and evil Lefties are, it’s pretty much a universal phenomenon.

    • ntt1

      the left is using the cobbled up rape culture as a wedge to destroy civil society they don’t really care about women in fact left-wing men are some of the biggest misogynists around