Idaho: Saudi student at ISU attempts to sexually assault multiple students

Courtesy of Obama’s open door policy for Saudi students

POCATELLO, Idaho – An ISU student is accused of entering multiple dorm rooms and inappropriately touching the occupants over a two-week period.

Sultan Bamoallem, a freshman finance major from Saudi Arabia, faces multiple misdemeanor charges including trespassing, battery and stalking.

Pocatello police said on Feb 23, Bamoallem entered a female student’s dorm in Turner Hall. Police said the student woke up to a partially-clad Bamoallem touching her back. He was charged with unlawful entry and battery.

“That’s really scary. As a female, that makes me really scared,” said ISU student Kelci McDermott.

“I found it kind of troubling,” said Rosco Tillman, who lives in Turner Hall…