Hip hop hijabis: Meet the Muslim women who rap in headscarves

Rap music and Muslim women… they are not four words that usually come together.

But two women from London are breaking down the boundaries for Islamic females across the world with their brand of inspirational hip hop.

Together, Muneera Williams, 34, and Sukina Owen-Douglas, 33, form Poetic Pilgrimage – a self-described ‘hiphop hijabis’ duo that has created a new type of rap music for the masses that addresses religion, gender and issues of identity.

The women, who were both born and raised in Bristol to Jamaican migrant parents first entered the hip hop world after they moved to the capital together to study at the University Of London a decade ago.

Since then, they have cultivated a global fan base of devoted followers from both inside and outside the Islamic community.

The attraction for their followers is, in part, the unlikely partnership between the fact that they are Muslim women who have an impressive ability to write and perform verse.

Sukina and Muneera converted to Islam ten years ago, just three weeks before the 7/7 bombings, and while the path hasn’t always been easy, they haven’t looked back…