Fatah Operating In Canada? Let’s Ask Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Palestinian Fatah, the mother movement of the terrorist Aqsa Brigades, is operating in Canada

That picture of Mayor Crombie speaking at an ISNA function, an organization that lost its charitable status for funding Muslim terrorism is good reason to despise our political class.

  • Wow. What an ignorant, despicable foolish woman.

    Putting on a sign of female oppression trying to win Muslim votes.

    • She’s a politician, she has no moral centre.

    • Petey

      They are not of us. Contemptible.

  • SDMatt

    There’s a weekly Palestinian show on Rogers Cable and funnily enough Crombie appeared on camera before the last mayoral election with her face all splotchy and tears a fallin’ saying she wanted the killing of innocent Palestinian kids to end (Hazel was on weeks earlier spouting her support for a Palestinian state).

    A few weeks ago Mississauga Conservative MP Brad Butt was interviewed at a memorial for the 21 murdered Coptic Christians at the massive Coptic centre in Mississauga, and old Brad said that Islam is a religion o’ peace, that ISIS is a distortion of that peaceful religion.

    Yes, in the Coptic centre, a place where he could have asked anyone about their 14 centuries of persecution by the Religion of Peace, he had the temerity – or rather, the vote whoring instincts – to say that steaming pant load.

    • My God. Is Butt’s disgrace on film anywhere?

      • SDMatt

        Oh yeah, I have it. I could upload it.

        The program’s actually on OMNI TV, which is a Roger’s channel.

        During the last Hamas conflict they ran a cartoon where the land of “Palestine” morphed into a young Palestinian kid with keffeyeh and knife, naturally. Even though it was in Arabic even I could make out that the voice over kept saying “Shahid” (i.e “martyr”)

        • Ottawa Eyes

          That needs to be put up on YouTube for all to see.

          All politicians of all parties who do this sort of thing need to have their deeds and words become publicly accessible so everybody can decide who is worthy or unworthy of their vote.

    • k1962

      Anything for votes. It’s only going to get worse as we take in more muslim immigrants.

  • Blacksmith

    All politicians are whores, some just look more the part than others.

  • Clausewitz

    Good old Bone head Bonnie. Keeping the ideals of Hazel alive so we can continue in the style of the 1980’s here in Mississauga.