Dating Tips… conceal rat release from CCTV camera

I smell a rat! Hopeless romantic caught releasing rodent at bistro to get free Valentine’s Day meal

  • eMan14

    “Pest control were called but when they examined the creature immediately smelled a rat because it look domestic and appeared to have recently “had a haircut”. ”
    Rats get haircuts? Who knew?

    • That’s one spoiled rat!

      • Donna

        No, pet rats normally do not get haircuts. I’d guess this idiot cut its fur to make it look shaggy and “wild”. I’m just praying the article got it wrong and the poor rat was not “released into the wild’ but found a proper home, or least a spot at a rescue.
        People like this jerk make us responsible rat owners look bad. I have three wonderful ratties, and the thought of someone treating a pet rat like that is utterly disgusting.

        • I like rats. My cat was trying to kill one last summer. I managed to trap it (it fought like hell and it was very clever) and I called the vet and asked if there was anywhere where it could be looked after – a rat sanctuary? Is that a thing? – but no dice. Given that my only apparent option was trying to bash it to death with a hammer I let it go. The poor thing was injured.

  • David

    Rat bites and scratches can result in disease and rat-bite fever. Rat urine is responsible for the spread of leptospirosis, which can result in liver and kidney damage. It can also be contracted through handling or inhalation of scat. Complications include renal and liver failure, as well as cardiovascular problems.

    Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), a viral infectious disease, is transmitted through the saliva and urine of rats. Some individuals experience long-term effects of lymphocytic choriomeningitis, while others experience only temporary discomfort.

    One of the most historically dangerous rat-borne diseases is the bubonic plague, also called “Black Plague,” and its variants. Transfer occurs when fleas from the rats bite human beings. Fleas transported on rats are considered responsible for this plague during the Middle Ages, which killed millions. From the transmission of bubonic plague to typhus and hantavirus, rat infestations can prove harmful to human health.