Another One of Obama’s “Affirmative Action” Hires Bites The Dust

Eric Holder (L) and Byron Jones (R)

Eric Holder (L) and Byron Jones (R)

Say goodbye to Byron Jones, the most recent former director of the much-beleaguered B.A.T.F. (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and the latest beneficiary of Obama and his political party’s pull with all sorts of organizations that you would think would be politically agnostic. Perhaps such an animal no longer exists? Anyway, he has been given some cushy job with the NFL doing likely nothing at all of any consequence, as is the way of today’s corrupt political patronage system.

Why now was a good time to fall on his sword (other than non-existent morale among the rank and file at the BATF – as if ‘Team Obama’ would actually care about such a thing) is still up for speculation, but for those that feel up to the task, they are saying it has to do with the generated tsunami-sized backlash over his attempt to ban most kinds of AK/AR ammunition under the guise of… well no real reason was ever stated. It was just something he felt like doing.

When you have done such a bad job that you have actually generated proposed legislation demanding that the agency over which you have lead for only a few years be abolished, the you have a very special breed of a politically tone deaf idiot, whose idiocy might spill into other ‘politically sensitive’ areas. For a while he was under the protection of Eric Holder, but since Eric “my people” Holder is on the outs too, there is nobody left that wants to be his savior, and for good reason.

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