USA: University withdraws catalogue showing White men outracing a woman & Black man

We’re pleased that the university took immediate steps to discontinue distribution of the catalogue. But the very fact that it was disseminated in the first place encapsulates the nation’s ongoing struggles with race and gender equality at every level in education, employment, and the criminal justice system.

Indeed, if education is supposed to be the great equalizer, the image is hardly one that a higher institution of learning should convey on its course catalogue. It sends out the message to potential applicants: Why try?

America, we have to do better.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Outrageous! *clutches pearls*

    Why is there no transgendered individual or baghead depicted on the cover?!

  • Petey

    I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.


  • k1962

    OMG. How sensitive some people are. I wouldn’t have even noticed. While I am not a black man, I am a woman.

    • Petey

      That’s just your privilege showing. Notice who’s winning between the woman and the black man. See? SEE?!! Rampant privilege. Everywhere you look.

      • Gary

        The hypocrisy here is that if the Black male won the race it would also been deemed racists to stereotype Black males and superior at running.
        You can’t win when dealing with haters.

    • olddog

      Then you’re a Wayyyyyyyyyycist…and other stuff…Tooooooo…Ya Knoooow.

  • Gary

    No no no , one of them is a white Transgender and the other white has autism .
    Maybe they are like Zimmerman and instead of being white-hispanics they are white Afro-Americans.

    I see it as racist that it’s implied that whites don’t have any disabilities and are seen as expected to be superior where the Black male and Black female need special treatment and have the Moral and Educational bar lowered .

  • David

    In my view, as it happens, the national politician who is absolutely most fit to be president is Gov. Jerry Brown, who actually has a reputation of being a fiscal conservative, one who manages a budget responsibly, and who already has turned California around.

    From the “article”on browns comments re Ted Cruz. That epitomizes the thinking of the progs, brown is a fiscal conservative. Delusion doesn’t begin to describe them.

    • Clausewitz

      Tell that to the farmers in the Imperial Valley. Browns policies have turned the valley from the number one grower of produce into a virtual desert, all in order to save a transplanted inch long fish.

  • Maggat

    Good Christ, if that’s all it takes to get Academia’s collective knickers in a knot then we are really in trouble.