Oops… There goes that “marginalized & impoverished” narrative: 9 Brit Medical Students Join ISIS

Nine British medical students have travelled to Syria to work in hospitals in Islamic State-held areas, it emerged last night.

Four women and five men entered the country last week, keeping their plans secret from relatives until shortly before they crossed the border.

Turkish politician Mehmet Al Ediboglu told The Observer: ‘We all assume they are in Tel Abyad now, which is under Isis control.

Brainwashed? No. They are Muslims. This is what Islam teaches.


Update: A Canadian is said to be among the 2 others that joined them bringing the total to 11.

According to reports in Britain’s Guardian newspaper and the BBC, the nine young British medical students flew to Istanbul from the Sudanese capital Khartoum on March 12 and then overland towards Syria.

They have been joined by two other medics from the United States and Canada, also of Sudanese origin, the BBC said.

From the BBC – The nine Britons are understood to have been joined by two Sudanese medics, one who is American-Sudanese and one Canadian-Sudanese.

  • ntt1

    not surprising just make sure the door is locked to prevent re-entry.

  • Barrington Minge

    Great. Another nine we don’t have here. Just make sure they don’t come back!!

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    Medical Islamic students. I have had more than one negative encounter with Islamic medical students and physicians.

    • k1962

      Yep. When choosing a DR. for my children as they became adults, I did my research on those who were accepting new patients and didn’t consider them at all. The same would go for choosing any medical professional. However, it will be hard in the future, especially when it comes to choosing a dentist. Has anyone seen the graduating classes from Canadian dental schools? Not too much diversity in dental schools, looks like one religion dominates.

      • simus1

        Many of the old hands and also the newly minted seem to be specialists in two areas – cold arrogance and minimal information.

        • k1962

          With regards to the old hands, some, but not all. New hands, I’d agree. Go on rate my MD to find a medical professional whose patients like them. You can usually distinguish between those written by the patients and those written by the medical professional themselves. If you aren’t happy switch.

          • Clausewitz

            Do you even have a clue on how hard it is to find a family doctor these days. The shortage of GP’s in Ontario goes back to the days of Peterson when he cut the number of medical school positions by 25%. Liberal mismanagement, it’s the way we do things in Ontario.

          • k1962

            Of course I have a clue. I just said that I found a doctor for my boys (when they were too old for the pediatrician). That was about 3 or 4 years ago. I even narrowed the search down to male doctors and was able to choose between 4 or 5 who were accepting new patients. I went on the College’s (B.C.) web site where it lists the doctors accepting new patients in my area. I am not from a small town though. I realize you cannot be too picky if you are living in a small town where doctors don’t want to live. Anyways, my boys lucked out. Their doctor just moved to Canada from England 🙂

            Now if you are looking for a new dentist you can be very picky. There are too many of them. Not too many dental schools in Canada, but plenty of dentists returning to Canada after getting their education in the States or Australia.

          • Clausewitz

            Ah, you’re in BC. Consider yourself lucky. In Ontario there is an acute lack of GP’s due to Liberal government interference. That’s where our disconnect comes from.

          • k1962

            I guess. Just go on the college’s website, in Ontario, and see who is accepting new patients. I am sure it is difficult to find a new doctor in a smaller community in both B.C. and Ontario, but can it be that hard in Toronto?

        • Waffle

          I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because the newbies are barely literate, despite their MD’s. They have limited vocabularies, don’t know grammar or spelling. How on earth can they be good communicators?

  • mobuyus

    Why do these women look like camels?

    • Martin B

      So that they’ll be more attractive to livestock-loving Mohammedans.

      • Barrington Minge

        Need to be something to turn a mooslim from his goat

  • Muslims are brainwashed by Islam.

    Muslim physicians who follow Islam, show us how insidious Islamic brainwashing is.

    How is it possible for someone smart enough to get through medical school believe a child pedophile was a profit – without being mentally compromised?

    Us a Muslim physician at your own risk. Same as getting into an airplane with a Muslim pilot.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why would any Muslim study the art of healing? The idea of alleviating pain is unIslamic for starters.

  • tom_billesley

    They’re desperately needed. The amputation stumps are getting infected, and of course there’s the pregnant sex slaves, and of course the explosive body implant team is understaffed.

  • Clausewitz

    Let them go. I’m sure through sheer incompetence they will help add to the numbers of ISIS dead.

  • Minicapt

    Surely we could send more?