Muslims attack Central African villages, killing at least 11

BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — A group of heavily armed Muslims attacked several villages in Central African Republic over the weekend, killing at least 11 people, a villager said Sunday.

Central African Republic has been rocked by sectarian violence since 2013. That year, mostly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power, and their brutal rule led to the rise of Christian militias that unleashed a wave of violence against Muslims. U.N. and French troops are now trying to stabilize the country. Targeted attacks against Muslims are subsiding, although tensions remain.

  • Gary

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  • Icebow

    Time for attacks against muzz to unsubside, then. I’d have thought CAR would have banned islam by now.

  • BillyHW

    Why are UN and French troops trying to prevent the Central African Republicans from defending themselves from the muslim invaders?

  • winniec

    ‘Savages’ is a word that describes these Death Cultists.

    • Just a thought

      Synonymous with “Obama’s People.”