Kabul mob attack: Women help bury ‘wrongly accused’ Farkhunda

Women’s rights and civil society activists helped bury Farkhunda at the funeral in Kabul

The coffin of a woman, killed by a mob in Kabul on an apparently false charge, has been carried by women, marking a break with Afghan funeral customs.

Hundreds of people attended a funeral for the woman, named as Farkhunda, demanding her killers be punished.

Farkhunda had been accused of burning the Koran, but an official investigator said there was no evidence for this.

The attack on the woman, as well as the alleged failure of police to intervene, have been heavily criticised.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he had ordered an investigation into the killing.

Footage of the attack, filmed on mobile phones, has been widely circulated on social media…

  • ontario john

    Why are those women not wearing veils over their faces. The free thinking muslim women in the West will be upset.

  • Pontifex Maximus

    I wonder what the average life expectancy is for Women’s rights and civil society activists within Afgaganihilistan?

    • winniec

      Not long and not long for women who are police officers.
      The Afghans are among the most extreme Islamists, the most opposed to human rights and the most bigoted of all Islamic countries. BRING MORE OF THEM INTO WESTERN COUNTRIES, WHY DON’T WE?