French court rules whites cannot be protected

Courtroom in France.

…French justice is not inscrutable. It’s very clear. If you are white, Christian, patriotic and opposed to the destruction of France by hordes of barbarians, you are automatically guilty. And if you hate whites, Christians and patriots and love the hordes of barbarians, you are automatically innocent.

No need to go to law school…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I recently read somewhere that France’s years of greatest functionality as a nation state was when they were occupied by Nazi Germany.
    I don’t know by how the author measured that, but that statement makes more sense now and sounds less like hyperbole or rhetorical flourish.

  • BillyHW

    It’s time for another revolution.

  • Jay Currie

    Well, the French Court evidently recognises the fact that the Muslim invaders have the major cities surrounded and are now waging a war of attrition via the insanity of perpetual benefits. No use antagonising the invaders.

  • I was Danish

    Europeans can sit there all day on the Internet talking about ‘civil wars’, ‘halting immigration’ (which is actually invasion and colonization) and all that – the reality is this:

    The Europeans are a dying people. They are on the verge of extinction – a lot of them haven’t realized that yet.

    Look what the common personality/behavioral traits are of the European man:

    Lack of Heart/Will

    Look at the common personality/behavioral traits of the European woman:

    Lack of Morals/Dignity/Class

    They can talk all they want about Saracen’s, Africans, this or that – reality is they are committing suicide en masse. Simples.

    The Europeans will not and can not survive as a people anymore. They are simply incapable of it at this point.

    They’ll die out and be extinct – that’s their future.

  • I was Danish

    I mean Look at the behavior of European females to see why the European people will go extinct and not even have a presence in their own homelands by the year 2120:

    Extremely low same-race birthrate
    Extremely anti-family traits (Promiscuous, amoral, lack of class, dignity and intelligence)
    Interracial Mixing that is off the charts
    Interracial Breeding that is off the charts

    Literally – the European female is slitting the throat of her own people. European men gave them power – they took the power, turned it into a weapon and are slaughtering their own people with it.

    The weakness and cowardice of European males is another reason – but honestly, it’s mostly the Females. The Males have been neutered by the Females, who then abandon them for men of other origins.

    How’s that for equality.