California man facing terrorism charge writes to newspaper

People gather to pay their respects for the victims of the terror attack against the satirical newspaper in Paris.

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A 21-year-old Southern California man accused of trying to join the Islamic State group vowed revenge and identified with the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France in a series of writings to a newspaper.

Adam-DandachAdam Dandach (left), who pleaded not guilty last week to attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist group and other charges, sent four letters and two poems from jail to the Orange County Register.

A poem titled “The Price of Freedom of Speech” ends, “Rot in a grave of fire, right where you belong. / Je suie Al-Qaeda, leaving another scar.” The faulty French is a play on the slogan, “I Am Charlie,” adopted by supporters of the French newspaper that was attacked in January, resulting in 12 deaths.

Dandach wrote the poem — told from the perspective of two brothers in the attack — three days after the killings. He said he felt no sympathy for the dead and wouldn’t condemn the assailants, though he added that his comments didn’t mean he would carry out the attack himself and that the poem didn’t necessarily reflect his personal opinion.

A poem that runs more than two typed pages reads, “Oh, you hateful fiends! / Know that revenge will come / You’re standing in front of the One (God) / A punishment in a fiery sea / Of carnage and blazing agony”

He continues, “I live my life alone; nobody sees my tears. / I’m a stranger here; my pleas fall on deaf ears.”

Dandach first wrote the Register in October after a reporter contacted him and his mother. In January, he sent an untitled poem that he described as an “explanation of my unfortunate situation, a message to my oppressors, a prayer and a call to the Muslim nation”…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m looking at his picture and I said to myself: “self, that boy doesn’t quite look American.”
    His mother’s name is “Sawsan Ghannoum”

    • Maggat

      Hard to say, looks to white for a Pakistani or an Indian. Maybe a higher caste Indian. Anyway, don’t matter, take him out and shoot him, problem solved.

      • mobuyus

        Give him a fair trial please, and then shoot him.

        • Millie_Woods

          No trial necessary. A couple of lines of that ‘poetry’ is enough to get a justifiable homicide ruling.

        • Maggat


      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It appears that his dad is/was white.

        • Rosenmops

          I Googled Dandach. It seems to be a Lebanese name.

    • Rosenmops

      The name Sawsan is Muslim according to a baby name site:
      The name Sawsan is a baby girl name

      Muslim Meaning: 
      The name Sawsan is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Sawsan is: Lily of the valley.


      Here is a link about the history of the family name;

      Seems to have originated in Jordan and spread to Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

      The kids is not likely a revert. I’m glad. I hate to hear about reverts. Mentally ill people and they’re families have enough problems without a death cult getting involved.

  • Rosenmops

    Fida Ghannoum in California apparently is a relative and has a criminal record.

    • Frau Katze

      Fine family! Top rated immigrants.

      • Rosenmops

        I Googled some more and apparently the kid sometimes goes by the name Fida Fida Ghannoum. I think they are from Lebanon. The Lebanese are terrific immigrants! I’ve heard they are doing well in Australia. /s

  • Martin B

    Personally, if I pleaded not guilty to terrorism I wouldn’t write letters to newspapers glorifying terrorists, but that’s just me.

    “I live my life alone; nobody sees my tears / I’m a stranger here; my pleas fall on deaf ears”

    Let’s hope that’s an accurate description of his life as a guest of the California penal system.

  • BillyHW

    His diversity is our strength.