Byelection candidate encouraging parents to withdraw kids from sex-ed lessons

A Mississauga byelection candidate is distributing 20,000 form letters to residents wishing to withdraw their children from the province’s new sex-ed curriculum.

Ward 4 candidate Arshad Mahmood unloaded a wheelbarrow full of the letters into a postal box near Central Parkway East and Burnhamthorpe Road on Sunday afternoon.

The letter allows parents to check off topics that they object to and formally request that their child be withdrawn from the classroom when they are being taught.

  • Alain

    Sad and very telling that it takes a Muslim candidate to do this.

  • Waffle

    Never mind wheelbarrows full of letters, Mahmood has upset the proverbial apple cart by reigniting that old debate of whose rights trumpwhose. Stay tuned. . .

    • This will get interesting, there is quite a bit of activity within the Muslim community against the Ben Levin Grooming Guide

      • Canadian

        They like to do the grooming themselves.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    The Muslims are obviously most offended by the inclusion of such haram topics as anal and oral sex, because they can’t honestly take offence to sexualizing 11 and 12 year olds since their own ‘religious’ prophet had sex with a nine year old.

    Not that any of them will ever admit as much though.

  • This is the government Ontario Liberals voted for. I don’t expect anything to change no matter how vocal the opposition is.

    • simus1

      muslims do have a trump card. If they seriously threaten to open their own schools over this issue, a lot of public school teachers/union members will be for the chop. Nothing gets the attention of GLLKDW faster than angry block voters and angry public service union drones.

      • I don’t even think that will be enough. Leftists would be glad (for as much as they can be) if Muslims opened their own schools, even if it meant that union-schlubs would lose jobs or cash (which they are doing now). But a crafted grooming program can do so much damage. Levin and Wynne couldn’t buy that kind of ruin.

  • cmh

    Great choice for parents….normalizing deviant sexuality class or Madrassa Islamic class….LOL. Personally I would advise strongly against both.