Belgian MP Describes Muslim Immigration as “Invasion”

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Aldo Garcaci (pictured) told a UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, conference in Blackpool that “Muslim immigration from across the Mediterranean is getting totally out of proportion.”

Garcaci can be heard saying in an audio recording obtained by the Guardian: “It is not immigration, it’ is invasion. Europe is totally inefficient in tackling it.”

According to the same source, the Belgian MP told people attending the UKIP conference that: “It’s an invasion, it’s a Trojan horse…It is for us, we are in the end of civilization. Because if we continue to accept the Muslim immigration, for us, it’s a big problem.”

The MP’s comments seemed to bother the UKIP Party. “Mr. Garcaci is not a member of UKIP, a spokesman of UKIP was quoted by the Guardian as saying, but added that” nor do we sanction his phraseology (…) “It is true that migration is out of control.”

The Belgian People’s Party is in the same pan-European Political group as UKIP, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE). The latter includes anti-immigration parties from across Europe…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The “end of the beginning” for us is the courage to admit these unpleasant but obvious truths about Islam.
    Speaking up is the most courageous thing any of us can do right now.

    It bothers me that the UKIP cannot even manage to admit this.
    Maybe they can’t admit the truth just yet, but they should find a way.

  • Just a thought

    Need signs in all European languages, “Please Curb Your Muslim.”

  • BillyHW

    Expulsion now.

  • bob e

    ukip can’t really say what they are all about as yet .. once they are in
    it’s a different story .