Tunisia attack: Tourists disappear after killings at museum

A member of the Tunisian security forces stands guard at the visitors entrance of the Bardo Museum in Tunis Photo: Fethi Belaid/AFP

…Forlorn shopkeepers smoked cigarettes and waited in vain for customers to buy their goat skin rugs, fridge magnets and brass plates.

“There were many tourists here before the attack, now there are just Tunisians and a few Algerians and Libyans,” said Sahbi Bayari, 34, the owner of a shop selling leather bags and slippers.

“No tourists means no work for us. Inshallah, they will come back,” said Makrem Azuz, 41, who owns a perfume shop.

In the wake of the attack, two major cruise ship companies cancelled stops at Tunis, drying up the flow of tourists.

Outside the medina, armoured cars, police Humvees, soldiers in sand-bagged positions and coils of razor wire protected sensitive sites, including the French consulate-general…