Swedish welfare model traps immigrants in poverty

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During recent years, Sweden has had an unusually open policy towards refugee and family immigrants. The Swedish Migration Agency estimates that around 105,000 individuals will apply for asylum only this year, corresponding to over one percent of Sweden’s entire population. In addition, many family migrants are annually united with their relatives. But the open attitude towards granting immigrants asylum is not matched by good opportunities on the labor market. An in-depth study by the daily paper Dagens Nyheter shows that many migrants struggle to find decent work even ten years after entering the country.

Dagens Nyheter has used public records to track all 24,567 individuals who were granted residence permit in Sweden in 2004. Ten years later, 15,740 of these individuals were of working age and residing in the country. The median income for the refugees in the group was found to be as low as £880 a month. The family immigrants of refugees earned even less.

Ten years after arriving in the country, their median income was merely £360 a month. These very low figures suggest that a large segment of the group is still relying on welfare payments. Dagens Nyheter can show that at least four out of ten refugees ten years after arrival are supported by welfare. The paper acknowledges that this is likely an underestimation, since some municipalities have not sent the paperwork required to match individuals to welfare receipts.

In theory, one could expect the Nordic welfare states to excel at integration. After all, the public sectors provide a range of goods such as tax-financed education including university studies, as well as tax-financed health care. Such programs can encourage up-ward mobility for marginalized groups such as immigrants. But there is also another side to the coin.

The combination of generous benefits, high taxes and rigid labour regulations reduce the incentives and possibilities to find work. Entrapment in welfare dependency is therefore extensive, in particular amongst immigrants…

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  • tom_billesley

    Underemployed invaders? Are Swedes not taking their cars to the hand wash every day? H8rs.

  • Gary

    Don’t forget how the men dress the women in Costumes that pretty well make the unemployable and on welfare for ever as we see in Canada in Regent park and little Somalia at Dixon and Kipling.

    • Observer

      They probably do the same thing there as here with collecting benefits on the kids, from other families under fake ID’s so that they collect for 6 or 12 kids when they only have 4.

      Of course the Ontario Liberals won’t investigate the welfare fraud because they need their votes, even if they can’t legally volte.

      • Gary

        I remember when the bogus refugees from Somalia were pouring into Canada by Plane and destroyed their ID and threw it in the toilets to deplane and lie their guts outs to get welfare. The Kipling& Dixon rd area has a Refugee alley with Apartment building almost 100% pro-sharia muslims.
        There was a News report of a ” Rent-a-child” scam when Social Services came to fill out the post Entry paper work . Somali’s would rent other refugees children for the day and claim they have
        more children that what are theirs for a bigger welfare cheque.

        With no ID or documents we got played for suckers by the scam artists while people feared losing their jobs if they questioned these criminals stealing tax dollars for children they didn’t have.
        Liberals and the NDP saw them as votes , so they just let them scam the system like the other groups were doing.

        Today we see that some of their mosque are pumping out terrorists while they have the nerve to blame it on unemployment when its the quran stupid .

  • canminuteman

    These people are probably illiterate (even in their native language) goat herders, with room temperature IQs. The countries they come from are dumps because the people who live there are illiterate goat herders with room temperature IQs and zero work ethic. Changing physical location doesn’t change who these people are.

  • Rosenmops

    …poverty, racism and segregation are driving young men from immigrant backgrounds into gangs and gun crime.

    So according to the Guardian it is Sweden’s fault that the invaders join gangs. However many commentators seem to disagree–likely these comments will be removed soon. One commentator writes:

    About 4 weeks ago a Kurd died in Celle when under arrest for armed robbery ( he climbed out of a window when talking to his lawyer and fell to his death). Members of the extended family (about 200) came from all over Germany and over two or three days there were pitched battles with the police who called in re-inforcements.

    There is a family of Turkish/Lebanese Kurds which is so well known it has its own Wiki page.


    1100 of the 2500 members have criminal records and the family operates in Berlin, Bremen and Essen primarily.

    • Frau Katze

      Organized crime is a natural for people from tribal societies.

      • Rosenmops

        I’m surprised this crime family hasn’t made its way to Canada yet.

  • Alain

    Correction: state welfare traps all takers in dependancy and generational poverty and stupidity. That applies to actual citizens which is bad enough, but granting state welfare to non citizens is insane.