UK: ‘Parents of jihadists should take some responsibility & stop embracing victimhood’, says police terror chief

The parents of teenagers who flee Britain to join ISIS should take more responsibility for their children’s actions, a senior police officer has said.

Sir Peter Fahy, one of the country’s leading counter terrorism officers, said families are more to blame for young jihadis who runaway to Syria than the police, schools or local authorities.

Rather than report their concerns to police for fear of being criticised, some parents are guilty of embracing ‘victimhood’ when their children leave, he claimed.

  • ntt1

    just a reflexive stirring of the corpse that is modern great Britain, nothing to be excited about .Too little too late.

  • Hello

    finally…. (huge sigh of relief)
    Finally SOMEONE IN AUTHORITY knows the meaning of…
    1) DO the RIGHT thing
    2) individual RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITY!

  • BillyHW

    Parenting fail. If your sons want to travel to the Middle East to rape little Christian girls you’ve failed as human beings.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Muslums don’t believe in individual responsibility. That’s one of the failures of their culture.
    Everything is God’s will.