‘Obese cat’ in Turkey loses 5.5 kg (12 pounds) in 4 months

A fat cat in western Turkey has shed more than five kilograms in four months after its owner hospitalized the pet.

Named “Taş Kafa” (Stone Head), referring to a Turkish expression for a dumb person, the five-year-old cat was recently taken to the animal treatment center of Nilüfer district in the Bursa province by its owner.

Ayşe Yazıcı, a veterinarian in the center, told Anadolu Agency on March 21 that the cat’s health has been improving thanks to the obesity treatment.

“His liver and kidneys are healthy now. He is doing well. Only three extra kilograms left,” she said, adding that they are expecting to discharge the cat from hospital in one month and a half.

Rapid improvement in Taş Kafa’s health is not a coincidence. He is currently on a strict diet, which is limited with protein-based and low-fat food…