‘Jihadists posing as refugees’

European Union counter-terrorism chief Gilles de Kerchove on Friday called for greater vigilance by EU borders agency Frontex, saying jihadists could infiltrate posing as refugees.

The warning came as more than 50,000 people sought political asylum in Europe in 2014, a 44 percent hike over the previous year. Twenty percent of those applicants were Syrians, the Eurostat agency said. Seven thousand asylum seekers were granted refuge in Austria alone.

“We must be vigilant. It is relatively easy to enter into the European Union when one joins an influx of refugees,” de Kerchove said on the sidelines of a ministerial meeting in Vienna.

  • BillyHW

    Pope Francis’ assassin is on one of these boats. And Blessed Virgin Mary won’t be around to help him.

  • Dana Garcia

    Here in the US I assume there are jihadists posing as Mexicans crossing the open border.

  • roccolore

    All to collect welfare benefits.

    • N. P.

      And as much as you hate it, can’t do sh*t about it

      • roccolore

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        • N. P.

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            I don’t know why you insist that roccolore is male. I don’t believe that’s true. Do you have some relationship from another blog?

            As for the Muslims in America, I believe that it was a mistake to admit them. There must be individual exceptions, of course – marriages and so on – but allowing Muslims to establish communities in the Western world was a disaster. Western culture and Islam are not compatible. One single example: an observant Muslim must believe in the supremacy of sharia law. Allah handed it down, and they cannot question Allah. But obviously sharia is not compatible with democracy. Democracy is a system based on man made law.

            I believe that Muslims who are now in America must adapt to American culture and stop making demands for special treatment. Here’s a small example: it is not reasonable to demand that Eid be celebrated in public schools: http://www.haaretz.com/news/world/.premium-1.626382

            (This particular example comes to my mind because a few months ago I got into a twitter dispute with Saqib Ali, “co-chair of the Equality for Eid Coalition”. He’s since erased the relevant tweets, but he was going on about how he supported the stabbing murder of an off-duty Israeli soldier which was then in the news. I don’t want Jew-haters who support terrorist murderers in North America, especially when they are running for office and trying to influence our school system, and when they can’t even understand that their opinions are repellent to civilized people. Sadly too many Muslims conform to this stereotype.

            I’m sure your opinions about Jews are a delight. Care to share them?)

            Those Muslims who cannot assimilate should certainly feel free to leave.

            Now, N.P., why do you hide your comments history?

          • N. P.

            Ahh so much bigotry. And so open. What is assimilation to you? Muslims should convert to Christianity? Not exercise 1st amendment right of free practice of religion? They are already here so I am assuming you support putting them in concentration camps? You do know that I was born here along with millions of other Muslim Americans. So are you advocating throwing away the constitution Or become a fascist state?

          • How am I trying to prevent Muslims from practicing their religion?

            “Concentration camps”? Are you mad, or very very stupid? No I don’t want to put anyone in concentration camps.

            I am not advocating “throwing away the constitution Or become a fascist state”. Since, unlike you, I do not hide my comments history, it should be very easy for you to find any statement I have ever made online suggesting that I support such a thing.

            If you were born in the U.S.A. why do you have such a strong Arab “accent”? How old were you when you began to learn English?

          • N. P.

            So how should America handles growing Muslim population? As they grow, they have basic requirements to be met. shoukd be treat them like Israel does to Palestinians? Just ignore them and keep them under tight surveillance? Make sure their women don’t wear Hijab and force them to drink alcohol or eat pork? How exactly? You complained about Muslims a lot but you have no solutions. How about you go and befriend one and find out what they are like.

          • I’ve told you, Muslim Americans must adapt. Since public schools are generally a disaster there is no chance of anyone being “bright and educated”, but it is still not on to start demanding the calendar be rearranged so that they can assert supremacy.

            Nobody’s trying to force you to eat pork or drink booze. Have you been smoking crack? Is that halal?

            The hijab is a stupid, ugly garment but I don’t think anyone wants to ban it. It’s the face covering that some people want to outlaw. Personally, I do not, but I would prefer an arrangement which allowed people to choose whom they wish to serve and interact with. No business should be obliged to serve a woman(?) with a hidden face. I find niqabs highly personally offensive because I do not believe that women should be treated as slaves, as pets, as breeding things. I would prefer not to interact with the families of women dressed in niqabs just as I would be uncomfortable going back in time and chatting with an antebellum southern slave owner and his house servants.

            I think that American Muslims like Saqib Ali who do not like America as it is should be encouraged to move to countries which are more adapted to their cultural requirements.

            What “basic requirements” do you now think American Muslims need to have “met”? How about you adapt to us? Ah, but, of course, you don’t answer questions, do you, N.P.? Otherwise, maybe you’d explain why the Arab states treat the Palestinians as human sandbags, locking them out of Jordan and Lebanon, building a wall between Gaza and Egypt. Is it because their Muslim brothers love them so much?

            If the Israelis wanted them all dead they could do it in an afternoon. I think we all know what would happen if Hamas had the option of destroying the Jewish state. So you can take your pity party and shove it.

          • N. P.

            Lol. So much hatred and this incoherent tirade on muslims. Yet as I said before, there is not a simple productive thing you wrote. No one should be forced to do anything and that is the fabric of America and even more on Canadian side. So Muslims must adapt to what exaclty? Hijab is a religious requirement. So you want them to give up their religion? Help me understand. Why should anyone give up their religion to appease the racist right?

          • I didn’t say anything about banning the hijab. But, hey, imagine I had. Rather let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the niqab, that is to say the enslavement of women, was a religious requirement. Well, then I say, the hell with such a religion. If my religion demands that I keep people as slaves, then my religion must not be allowed in America. Religion is not a get out of jail free card.

            This really isn’t complicated stuff.

          • N. P.

            So how should Muslims adapr? Adapt to what? One straight answer please.

          • N. P.

            Hmmm.. silence.. I guess no answer Or no words. Can’t have it both ways. Freedom for all or become a fascist state.

          • Are your parents cousins? And if you were born in America why is your English so poor?

            You do know that “OMG you are a bigot lol” is not a refutation, right?

          • N. P.

            It’s the American school system that failed me. What can I say.

          • N. P.

            Oh and what’s stopping you from banning me. I thought you were a mod. It is like my final, final, final, final, final, final, final, final ….. whatever it was..

          • N. P.

            So on the eid issue. first no one is asking schools to celebrate eid. If it is impacting attendance then close the schools that day. Plain and simple. You do want the next generation to lead America be bright and educated and not close minded, bigot like you? Correct? Oh, I have no issues with Jews. I work with them daily and they are fine Americans. I have an issue with Israeli occupation and their treatment of Palestinians. Any sane person cannot just close their eyes on the treatment Israel gives to Palestinians. Here the issue is America and your hatred for your fellow Americans. How can you call yourself an American if you don’t love your countrymen.

          • I don’t call myself an American. This is a Canadian blog, eh?

            Israel-hatred is an excuse for anti-Semitism. Israeli Muslims are the only Muslims in the Middle East lucky enough to live under a civilized government. It is an Arab League resolution which prevents the West Bank from being returned to Jordan. Israel took it after one of the annihilation wars the Arab states launched against it. Israel is under no compunction to slit its own throat.

            If the Palestinians genuinely mattered to other Muslims they would have been taken into those states decades ago. But of course they are the human sandbags of the Muslim world, so they live on, on handouts from the Israelis, who are very kind to them. Did you know that “Palestinians” have the 8th highest obesity rate in the world?

          • N. P.

            Of course they have high obesity rate. they are locked in from land, air and sea and cant run. Either get killed by Israel or die of a heart attack. You should be happy.

            So what should happen to millions of Muslims in Canada since you are a canadian. Do you not consider them canadian?

          • N. P.

            and of course israel lives on America’s handouts.

          • roccolore

            You Muslims hate America. YOu want Sharia and jihad to replace the Constitution.

          • N. P.

            And you communists hate everything that is out there. Commie.. go back to your daddy Putin and leave us Americans alone.

          • roccolore

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          • N. P.

            I cant. Did not come from there. US of A baby. You on the other hand can go back to mother Russia.

          • roccolore

            Unlike you, I am actually pro-America. You support Sharia, jihad, and fascism. I support democracy and freedom, which are not allowed in Islam.

          • N. P.

            Wow. A communist who is pro American. That is like treason for you Russians. Putin is not going to like it.

          • roccolore

            You Muslims hate America. YOu want a global caliphate with “blasphemy laws.” You Muslims want Sharia, where women have no rights.

          • N. P.

            And you are a communist.

          • roccolore

            Beats being a terrorist like you.

          • N. P.

            So you admit that you are a communist who is in illegitimate child of Putin who loves ISIS.

          • roccolore

            Fascist Muslims like you are the ISIS lovers who bomb your own terror mosques and bulldoze churches. You also support the biggest defenders of ISIS: CAIR.

          • roccolore

            Hey, terrorist! Can you explain why you support ISIS kidnapping girls and forcing them into sex slavery?

          • N. P.

            Hmm I can’t because I am not one. You admitted being a communist so explain where your daddy Putin is.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I’m from the USA and I’d rather you were in your country of origin, and that isn’t here.

  • Gary

    Hey, it worked for the Somali’s in the early 1990’s to get welfare , and now some of their mosques are pumping out Terrorists and we are complicit for funding them to bilk welfare and become baby machines .

  • WalterBannon

    They are ALL jihadists. Its jihad by colonization.

    Drop some napalm on them and call it a day.

  • Oil and beef

    They walk among us.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Hey! de Kerchove. Dija just discover that important fact?
    I fear it is much too late to close the barn door.

    O Canada, please take a lesson from this sage soon to be dhimmi..