Islamic State Hackers Publish ID Info On 100 US Soldiers With A Call To Murder

The email message is signed by “Islamic state Hacking Division”.

In a message posted on social networks, hackers proudly announce to have ” hacked several military servers, databases and e-mail boxes, to obtain successful personal information from the US military.”

A hundred soldiers profiles have been unveiled with photos, names, ranks and, more seriously, addresses of these soldiers of the Navy, the US Air Force or the US Army. This list, as Le Soir was able to consult, comes in the form of small identity cards. It is accompanied by a call to murder.

  • mobuyus

    Can we not just hurry up and kill these fuckers?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Barry is too preoccupied with Netanyahu to worry about this.

  • luna

    “Islamic state Hacking Division”, they need to be more specific.

  • cmh

    Is this again, or is this the story from a month or so ago?

  • luna

    I wonder if they got this from Hillary’s email server.