ISIS vs Congo: Why defeating ISIS should matter to Canadians

Thomas Mulcair made an interesting point regarding Canada prolonging its mission against ISIS and protecting groups who are being raped and butchered.

He says that he “would love it if Canada had the same approach in areas like the Congo where five million people have been killed in the last 15 years. Rape is used as not only as a weapon of war but as a strategy of war in the Congo. And I’ve never heard Mr. Harper suggest that the Joint Task Force should go into the Congo. So what is it that’s particular about the Iraqi fight?”

Ezra Levant explains the difference between the two. And how important defeating ISIS is

  • cmh

    I disagree. It’s a bunch of crap and a waste of our tax dollars similar to Palestinian Aid.

  • eMan14

    I tend to agree with Ezra. The expansion of ISIS, as the Islamic military force it is, is paramount.
    Palestinian aid does seem to be a waste of tax dollars, other than being a humanitarian effort. Assuming the money went to the right people.
    Afghanistan more and more looks like a failed strategy of trying to prop up a democracy where no democracy will ever take hold.
    If we are going to defeat an enemy, we have to go all in. An air only war will only get you so far.

  • Minicapt

    The reason the Canadian Forces have not gone into the Congo is that the Dippers and Grits do not support substantive efforts to ameliorate suffering in Africa.
    When it comes to helping the oppressed, Mr Muckliar is a ‘salonner’.


  • canminuteman

    The way for Canada to defend itself against ISIS is to not let muslims into Canada and deport those who are here. Sure it’s satisfying to kill them in the middle east, but it’s pointless as long as we invite more to our shores.
    I suspect that if we choose sides and manage to defeat ISIS, whoever wins and takes over will be just as bad. This happened in Iraq, Libya, A’stan, and is showing every sign of happening in Syria. There are no good guys.

  • ntt1

    I thought a majority of the rapes in the Congo were done by UN peacekeepers ,