Globe asks…What drove seven young Quebeckers into the arms of the Islamic State?

“…When Djemila Benhabib heard about the Montreal students heading off to jihad, she immediately recognized the story. She lived next to it.

Ms. Benhabib grew up in Algeria and was in her late teens when she first noticed neighbourhood boys disappearing. They were off to join Islamist fighters in the Algerian civil war. In 1994, she fled the country with her family and became an influential anti-fundamentalist writer.

While Western societies engage in endless self-analysis, Ms. Benhabib is not convinced Quebec’s regular drumbeat of stories about conflicts between religious minorities and the wider community have had a corrosive effect. The problem, she says, is that people like Mr. Charkaoui politicize Islam in a way that turns Western, democratic countries into an enemy, creating a hothouse atmosphere perfect for growing radicalization.

“A lot of mosques are no longer just places of worship,” she said. “They’ve been diverted from their mission toward ideology and politics. They talk non-stop about the Palestinian cause. They talk non-stop about Jews, apostates, even about westernized Muslims who don’t share their view. A youth who is rebelling against his parents, the environment, the media and needs a cause suddenly has it.”


By and large the article is pretty good,  superior even for the passage excerpted above, still it falls short of pressing those interviewed on hard questions.

Interesting fact from the article – Toronto’s Muslim Population is 7.7%, Montreal’s is 6%.

  • Jason

    Toronto’s muslim population is already 7.7%? Tick-tock, tick-tock … boom?

    • Censored_often

      Toronto proper, or combined with North York and Scarborough and Etobicoke and Don Mills, or yet more broadly including the Caliphate of Islamissauga and other GTA areas of 905 etc.?

      • I am not sure if exactly, I know the GTA level was at 5% already.

    • Soon.

    • Right on there.

      Will Toronto become the first Beirut of Canada?

  • ontario john

    Don’t ask the Toronto Saturday Star, because they aren’t interested. The front page and major story inside is about the most important human rights issue in the world. That’s right, homosexual rights and how wonderful it is to be gay parents. Even the front page story on the terrorism convictions manage to bring homosexual rights into it. Rosie states we must allow vile comments from homophobics but need to take action when unlawful acts actually are planned. I guess some day we can expect the Star to speculate whether anyone who says something negative about homosexuality will be waving the isis flag an beheading someone.

  • John

    From the article.

    The Quebec experience serves as a cautionary tale to other Canadians who face problems with homegrown
    terrorists, along with the recent resurgence of the same hardening rhetoric, political opportunism and outbursts of
    bigotry over Muslims that have plagued Quebec.

    That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

    Québec’s experience should should serve as a cautionary tale about importing too many Muslims…period.

    The Charkaoui pig should have been booted from Canada. He’s not here to integrate but to stir up any conflict he possibly can. He’s nothing but a useless shit distruber

  • Linda1000

    Seven mentally disturbed little shithead wanna-be jihadis gone to live their caliphate dream. Can’t say I’m shedding any tears. The good news is that they managed to leave in Jan. so it’s still possible for any others to depart regardless of the best backward efforts of Cdn. authorities trying to intercept them before boarding a plane. Let them all go, the more the better.

  • pdxnag

    So, a steady diet of elementary Islam converts people into monsters?

    • The Koran teaches adherents to hate. Who could have thought this was a positive feature for immigrants to have?

  • BillyHW

    Um, because they’re muslims and want to rape little girls?

  • Annie

    “Québec Muslims interviewed by The Globe and Mail recently, including Rima Demanins, 21, a student at University of Montreal, say they are facing the most hostile
    atmosphere they have seen since the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.”

    Rima Demanins is a shia from South Lebanon living in Montreal. She is a big fan of Hezbollah. The paper La Presse even published a fan letter she penned : “Je suis terroriste” (I am a terrorist) where she talks highly about the Hezbollah…

  • Annie

    Rima Demanins is also a big fan of imam Ali Sbeiti (cofounder of CASMO), whose passeport was recently revoked by Ottawa. She immediately started a Facebook fan page : “Je suis modéré. Je suis Ali Sbeiti” (I am a moderate. I am Ali Sbeiti”).

  • ntt1

    I like the Israeli response toward terrorists based in a particular house…they arrest the terrorist then blow the house up. I would like to see demolition orders against any radical mosque and its imams imprisoned or deported.

  • cmh

    ban the koran in canada

    • Censored_often

      Rather, ban all Islam in Canada by preventing all muzzie immigration to Canada! The koran is so wicked and satanic that it needs to be well known, along with the mainstream interpretations and hadiths, to justify forever banning the muzzies and their wicked mosques.

  • john s

    It doesn’t matter what socioeconomic factors exist for the recruits in question. When I was 18, had there been a cause to fight for, I would have gone to fight for it. Adventure, heroism, worth. These are important things to a young man, at least they were. The point is that they still are in cultures other than our own. Moreover, the west’s drive towards sissification of boys and men alienates young men who do not want to become neutered pajama boys. There are a lot of folks out there calling for men to be men, then defining manliness to suit them.
    War is the manly art, period. It is not so much a question of factors driving young men to jihad as it is the religion giving young men a reason to fight and something to fight for. They are no more crazy or disaffected than the young men who signed up to fight in Europe.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Globe asks…is the best way to kill a discussion.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    By the way, look at that raggedy faced fuck.
    I don’t want him pumping my gas, serving up my big mac or selling me beer.
    He’s off.
    And any business that employs him will not have mine.

  • Maggat

    “Globe asks…What drove seven young Quebeckers into the arms of the Islamic State? A car or, who in the hell cares?